“Jumpstart the Truck” with Globe Vise and Truck

May 7, 20140 Comments

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to help out with a “pop-up event” featuring some cool furniture pieces coming out of West Michigan. You may have seen a couple of the pictures I posted on Facebook and wondered exactly what was going on?

Jumpstart the truck

The event was titled “Jumpstart the Truck” and the whole purpose was to help draw attention to all the great designs and products Globe Vise and Truck’s owner Ted Velie has in plan for the future of the company.

I had a chance to talk with Ted for a few minutes, and my first question for him was about the materials themselves. I heard they were all made from reclaimed lumber and he confirmed it.

To be more specific, the wood for the pieces featured at this event came from demolished homes in Hamtramack (an area of Detroit if you’re not familiar with it).

As Ted explained to me, the recycled materials came from an organization who’s sole intent is to train people how to carefully deconstruct homes to preserve the materials and keep them from reaching landfills. And from the looks of it, they’re doing a great job, this wood is absolutely gorgeous!

When I asked Ted about his background, he explained he had been a school teacher for several years, but his family had been running the original Globe Vise and Truck business since it’s creation in 1905. So manufacturing is in his blood.

Globe Vise and Truck has been a manufacturer of factory and warehouse fixtures, shelving, trucks (heavy duty carts), roll around tables, etc.

But rather than reinventing the wheel, Ted took some of the existing pieces the company had been producing and reimagined them for home and upscale office purposes.

The goal for now is to fill the truck with great pieces of furniture built here in West Michigan and travel the country to shows and events and bring great design and quality craftsmanship wherever it stops.

To learn more about Ted and Globe Vise and Truck visit their website at www.globeviseandtruck.com.

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