Griffon Ramsey – chainsaw carver extraordinaire

August 30, 20153 Comments

Even though my day job is based in science, I’m still in love with art in it’s various forms and dream of a day when I can dive headlong into pursuing it in one form or another.

An obvious medium I’m drawn to is furniture, wooden furniture to be more specific. I have dabbled with a different version of woodcraft or two, including chip-carving, but it’s obvious to me that furniture construction is most likely where I’ll focus my energies and attention when I do take the plunge.

One form of woodcraft I’m always in awe of is wood sculptors and carvers. Especially when their primary tool is a chainsaw.

Image courtesy @theplanit

Image courtesy @theplanit

I have to admit, the first time I ever heard of a chainsaw sculptor I thought it was a joke.

Something purely for the promotion of a chainsaw brand, or more likely straight out of an over-the-top comedy making fun of power tool obsessed men (a la Tim Allen.)

One person’s work I recently stumbled upon thanks to the social medias is Griffon Ramsey.

She’s an amazingly talented chainsaw sculptor with a pretty impressive body of work, and thankfully she’s been sharing some of it with all of us on her YouTube channel and through her website

I have no doubt I’ll never pick up a chainsaw to do the kind of work Griffon is doing, but just watching her creations come to life is awe-inspiring none-the-less.

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  1. Lance says:

    That was very cool! I actually have a giant mesquite log in my front yard I want to chainsaw carve but first I need a chainsaw!

  2. Jerry Palmer says:

    I have been a fan of Griffon’s for sometime now. Her work is amazing. But also just as amazing is her interaction with the public and desire to share her art with anyone who is around. And to top it off she isn’t very far from where I live either!….. Thanks for noticing and bringing to attention such a talented artist Matt!

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