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June 11, 20150 Comments

If there’s one thing I know about all of you, it’s that you love handplanes. Even if you’re just like me and only use them mostly for finesse work they’re still invaluable.

That’s why the folks over at Shop Woodworking have put together this collection of DVDs, eBooks, video downloads and digital downloads dedicated entirely to handplanes.

“There is no woodworking tool that is more satisfying, quick and precise to use as a handplane. Planes can process timber in its rough state, bring boards up to a glimmering smoothness, cut rabbets, dados, grooves and other joints, and trim wood with a precision that has yet to be matched by power tools. If you’re intimidated by the handplane, as many woodworkers are, this collection is for you. We’ve compiled 12 unique resources containing information on every aspect of handplane use – building a handplane, refurbishing, choosing the perfect handplane for you, and several examples of different planes and their historical styles.”

The Handplanes Ultimate Collection includes:
Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson – DVD
“Many woodworkers have been searching for practical advice on choosing, refurbishing, tuning and using traditional joinery planes. Bill Anderson and Joshua Farnsworth offer the first comprehensive video about different types of traditional joinery planes. With nearly 5 hours of instruction, this video is perhaps the most detailed and practical resource on joinery planes.”

Building a Traditional 18th- Century Jointer Plane – DVD
“Bill Anderson offers a visually stunning and very detailed video about traditional plane making that is comprehensive enough for even beginners to successfully follow along and build a jointer plane of their own. In this unique video, Bill shows how to make an 18th Century jointer plane with only traditional woodworking hand tools. Bill simplifies the complicated hand plane building process, including wood selection, layout, mortising, using floats, building handles, chamfering the edges, truing the bottom, and finishing the plane.”

Choosing, Refurbishing & Using Moulding Planes with Bill Anderson – DVD
“Moulding planes are the historical methods used by centuries of craftsmen to create beautiful mouldings in a quiet, dust-free shop. Pick the profile you’d like on your project and with one, or a few well-tuned moulding planes you’ll have the profile complete in a few passes. You’ll learn the moulding plane anatomy and how to choose and buy the best, how to refurbish a moulding plane, the differences between dedicated moulding planes, and so much more!”

Making a Custom Ogee Moulding Plane with Tod Herrli – DVD
“Reproduce a centuries-old ogee moulding profile just as your ancestors did – or create a custom ogee profile for your next project. The expert instructions in this DVD will help you do both those things and more. Once you’ve used basic woodworking skills to make a wooden plane blank, planemaker Tod Herrli walks you step by step through the process of building a custom moulding plane.”

Handplane Essentials by Christopher Schwartz – eBook
“Handplane Essentials contains everything you need to choose the right tool for your budget and project, take it out of the box, sharpen it and use it successfully. The chapters in this book have been compiled from more than 10 years of the author’s writing on the subject of handplanes in magazines, trade journals and blogs. This is a sizable book – 312 pages – and is printed on high-quality paper. The hundreds of photos in the book have been sepia-toned, just like the photos in Woodworking Magazine.”

The Woodwright’s Shop, Season 21, Episode 4, The Rounder Plane – Video Download
“Join Roy for Episode 4 of Season 21 where he shows you how to make an endless “pencil” sharpener to make round tapered handles for rake, boat spars- and more.”

The Woodwright’s Shop, Season 22, Episode 5, The Spill Plane & Book Stand – Video Download
“Join Roy for Episode 5 of Season 22 where he shows you what the heck a spill plane is and how you make a hinged book stand out of one piece of wood.”

The Woodwright’s Shop, Season 23, Episode 5, Using Planes – Video Download
“Join Roy for Episode 5 of Season 23 where he shows you jack planes, combination planes, single iron joiners, and introduces you to the world of planes–not to mention snipe spills, skew mouth badgers, iron rabbits.”

The Woodwright’s Shop, Season 25, Episode 4, The Melencolia Plane – Video Download
“Join Roy Underhill for Episode 4 of Season 25 to build the wooden plane pictured in Albrecht Durer’s, Melancolia.”

The Woodwright’s Shop, Season 26, Episode 6, Japanese Planes with John Reed Fox -Video Download
“Enjoy Episode 8 of Season 26 of the Woodwright’s Shop, where you’ll see the key to Japanese woodcraft through the use of planes, saws and chisels.”

The Woodwright’s Shop, Season 31, Episode 5, Handplane Essentials – Video Download
“For over 30 years, Roy Underhill has been educating and entertaining audiences with his unrivaled knowledge of traditional hand tools and building techniques. In this episode, Christopher Schwarz visits the shop to discuss the care and use of handplanes.”

Popular Woodworking Magazine, November 2013 – eMagazine Download
“In “Fixed-width Panel Raiser,” the cover story for the November 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, Bill Anderson builds a specialized handplane to raise panels. It’s a study in accurate layout with an understanding of angles, and the results are a shop-made plane that works great and stands the test of time.”

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