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January 11, 2010

If you listened to the latest Wood Talk Online, you probably heard us mention a really great cause being put on by the folks over at Wood Werks. Just in case you missed it, I thought I’d help bring it to your attention!

Wood Werks is very proud to partner with Blaklader during our Winter Expo, and offer the best price ever on a pair of Blaklader Toughguy pants, and at the same time, collecting hundreds of used pants for our friends at Goodwill Columbus.

From January 9th through the 17th 2010, each customer can purchase up to two pairs of Blaklader Toughguy pants (in Navy Blue or Grey) for a low price of only $20. (Reg $54.99) We only ask that for each pair you purchase, that you take a used pair of pants to your local Goodwill or shelter. During our Expo, we will be collecting used pants at our retail store here in Columbus, OH, and all donations will be delivered to Goodwill Columbus after our Winter Expo.

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