Dan’s Hockey Stick Bench

December 17, 20141 Comment
hockey stick bench

Dan Z’s broken hockey stick bench

It’s always exciting to see friends get featured and recognized for their woodworking projects, but it’s even more exciting when it’s something you they asked you for a little help with when they were first building it.

If you’re a subscriber to the Highland Woodworking Newsletter you probably already saw Dan’s Hockey Stick Bench, but if not, it’s a fun project to take a look at.


Dan originally sent a question into Wood Talk back in August 2013 asking for a little advice on attaching the goalie sticks (which were being used as the stretchers) to the sides of the bench. I can’t remember if we gave him the answer he was looking for, but regardless, the benches were so amazing that someone took notice and hired him to make quite a few more.

So congrats Dan! You did a great job and the benches look amazing. What’s next, one made from broken curling brooms?

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  1. Dan Zehner says:

    Sorry it took so long to reply! I’m seriously bad at social media… I like your idea of curling brooms. We should talk. 😉

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