H.O. Studley needs you!

November 18, 20140 Comments

At the end of October I had the opportunity to sit down and record a great conversation with Don Williams and Narayan Nayar all about the H.O. Studley tool chest.

Help write history, learn more by clicking here (Image courtesy Don's Barn blog)

Help write history, learn more by clicking here (Image courtesy Don’s Barn blog)

Don and Narayan are hard at work documenting and photographing the tool chest for an upcoming exhibit happening in May 2015, along with writing a book scheduled to be released a couple of months earlier in March.

What does this have to do with H.O. Studley needing you? Well it turns out, according to a recent post at the Lost Art Press Blog there’s a small snippet of the tool chest’s history missing. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a minor one, but the guys are looking for a little assistance from the woodworking community to help fill in the gap.

Without going into great detail, if you happen to have attended an exhibit of tool chests on display at the Smithsonian Museum titled “Engines of Change: The American Industrial Revolution 1790-1860,” and you took a few pictures, you might have one that will fill in this missing snap shot of the tool chest’s history for the upcoming book.

For more details on what the guys are looking for, or if you already happen to know you have a picture from this exhibit, visit the Lost Art Press blog post titled “How to Become Immortal (and Help the H.O. Studley Book).”

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