H.O. Studly Tool Chest tickets still available

October 13, 20140 Comments

While at Woodworking in America 2014 I had the pleasure of talking with Don Williams about the upcoming H.O. Studly Tool Chest exhibit he’s curating in May 2015. I captured the entire conversation, and was really excited to hand it over to the folks at Highland Woodworking to include in their WIA 2014 coverage.

Image courtesy Don's Barn blog

Image courtesy Don’s Barn blog

Unfortunately, in my excitement I picked the absolute worst location in the building to record. As a result, even with some audio tricks and editing, most people will be bothered by the background noise. So it probably won’t see the light of day.

But that’s no reason not to share the gist of the conversation. And that is;  H.O. Studley was an amazing craftsman who we actually know very little about. But we are very familiar with his tool chest. His meticulous work and attention to detail has us awe-struck when see images of it. And while pictures and detailed descriptions help us to get a sense of how awe-inspiring it is, it’s only when you see it in person that you can appreciate what a treasure it is.

But how many of us will ever have an opportunity to be up-close and looking at it only feet in front of us? Well, if you’re able to make your way to the Scottish Rite Temple in Cedar Rapids, Iowa May 15-17 2015, you can!

Tickets for the event went on sale earlier this year. Initially there was such a rush to the website to get information, and purchase tickets, that it momentarily overwhelmed the system and gave everyone the impression that all the tickets were sold. In fact they haven’t, there’s more available and waiting for you to purchase one.

For more information about the exhibit, to purchase tickets, and also to keep up-to-date with the release of the book Don has been working on about H.O. Studley visit both the website for the exhibit at www.studleytoolchestexhibit.com and Don’s blog at www.donsbarn.com.

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