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September 19, 2013175 Comments

No one wants to admit when things aren’t going good and I’m no exception. I’ve always believed we need to try our best at whatever we do, but in reality SHIT happens and we sometimes fall short of the mark. Is that an acceptable reason for doing less than our best? Probably not…but sometimes it’s a reality and that’s all there is to it.

Aside from the usual buddy-buddy ribbing me and my co-hosts give each other on the show, we don’t really share much of what happens behind the scenes on our joint show Wood Talk.

The warts of my own personal show is one thing and sometimes there’s no covering them up, but the beauty of a co-hosted show is that you have friends who can catch you when you fall and maybe even finish your thoughts when you get side-tracked.

sad matt

Recently I’ve been feeling more and more like the weakest link on Wood Talk and it’s a fear I’ve shared with Marc and Shannon. But like the good friends they are they remind me we all have our moments and that’s all there is to it. And believe it or not, my perspective matters (they’re a great couple of friends to have).

From the very beginning I’ve never attempted to make myself more than what I am in my woodworking experience, I’m an amateur woodworker who has a nice little home shop.

Woodworking is what I do for fun and far from what I do for a living, so my experience is much different than Marc’s and because I like to dabble in hand tools AND power tools it’s also different from Shannon’s.

The beauty of our show has always been that it’s three guys sharing their experiences and perspectives and attempting to help other woodworkers along the way. What we’re trying to say is that there is no ONE RIGHT WAY to do anything, regardless of what some of our most outspoken critics in the audience like to say.

And because our approach to topics on the show is from the three different perspectives it can be difficult sometimes to NOT be persuaded by each other’s arguments and change our perspective mid-conversation.

The truth of the matter is that we’ve had our fair share of angry emails from disgruntled listeners with a bone to pick and a desire to tell one or more of us off. But at the end of the day, the reality is that we ask ourselves if there was something to learn from the underlying message of their comment or was it just mean spirited (of which there are plenty of those).

In the past month we’ve had two pretty strongly worded emails suggesting my presence is ruining the show. One who despises my “humor” and wanted me in no uncertain terms to know that I’m not funny one bit and that the purpose of a woodworking show is woodworking and nothing more. Then the latest just arrived and wanted us to know that I provide no usable answers what-so-ever in the history of the show and that I must be removed for the sake of it.

As I’m writing this post I want all of you to know that I’m not leaving Wood Talk yet. So sorry Brian and RP1 your wishes for a “Matt-less” Wood Talk are not about to come true. But I did manage to find the silver lining in your venom-filled tirades. Of which I’ll be sharing in various ways in shows to come

So to all of you (including those who have always wanted to say something similar but didn’t…for whatever reason) I want to say I’m sorry if I’ve let you down in some way recently. I’ll try harder in the future.

And for those of you for whom this means nothing and still want to see me go…BITE ME…if you don’t like the content we create for free then create your own. We’re always happy to share it on the show.

***A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you!!! Your support, well wishes and anger in some situations is a fantastic reminder of what great people we are in the woodworking community.

I have to admit though, I feel as if I’ve broken one of the unwritten codes of the online content creator.

When it comes to dealing with trolls and haters one of the worst things you can do is to acknowledge them in the first place…but at the same time one of the worst things you can do is let them run amuck thinking that they somehow have all the power…CHORTLE!

As I said before I am not everybody’s cup of tea but hey that’s what sugar and cream is for…to sweeten the bitterness or completely hide it so you can enjoy the experience.

So thank you once again, I’m done with the whining…let’s get on with a woodworking!!!***

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  1. Matt R says:

    I think this is a light bulb moment with you supplying a cross functional purpose as the conduit the the rest of us amateur wood butchers in the audience. I believe it would be contractionary to diminish the input you have because of your geolocation in relationship the your audience. So I say to heck with those who want to cyberbully and are denilist to their own shortcomings. So I am with bajillion of your supporters. Chort Chort Chort

  2. Dadopotato says:

    I listen every week and every show makes me laugh out loud and think about my own woodworking. I do not know why some people are so hard-hearted, it is rather sad. Keep up the good work.

  3. David says:

    Matt, buddy, don’t be so hard on yourself. Hearing your point of view is very much appreciated. Never leave us!

  4. Matt says:

    WOW!!! It’s crazy how much response this post has gotten. Again, thank you…it’s the least I can say.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I think is down right stupid that people complain about things they get for free. I have always thought that it was awesome that there is three different perspectives. When you are missing from the show it just isn’t as fun to listen to. You can’t please everyone. Perhaps you should respond to their criticism by telling them “We Will Miss You”

  6. Matt,never forget that you started the whole woodwork podcast thing as far as I’m concerned your THE MAN mate!. I can’t believe this. People can be so mean. I thought woodworkers would be beyond this. Makes me feel a bit embarrassed to be a woodworker. I listened to every episode from the start and would still listen if it was ONLY you. I think sometimes people will always come out and complain if they aren’t happy. If people are happy however you will rarely hear from them. Just try to remember that when you read the hate mail.

    I feel like I’ve let you down by not letting you know how much I’ve enjoyed listening to you. I’M SORRY!
    If there is anything I can do please let me know. Just remember there is a lot of us who really enjoy but never bother to tell you. Those people who hate and have no humor can go listen to something else.

  7. Pete Harbin says:

    Matt, you rock brother, and you should keep on keeping on!

  8. Jeff Ver says:

    Matt. DO NOT take these trolls so seriously. You are a kind, funny, and gentle soul who has given all of us in the woodworking community hours upon hours of entertainment and insight. Just because you are not a professional woodworker gives you no less credibility. Most of us are hobbyists, and you give us our voice on the show.
    Keep on keeping on, and remember that the usual reason people try to drag you down is that they feel an inadequacy within themselves. People are self centered by nature, and will always be transparent for that very same reason (unless you have as much insight as myself).
    Keep it real, Matt.


  9. Dean in Des Moines says:

    Don’t let your heart be troubled over this. I follow many woodworking video producers on the net. My favorite two are you and Steve Ramsey. If it weren’t for you I’d never have attempted the projects I’ve done (and one not done). You show this spare-time woodworker that it’s okay to use simple joints with non-descript wood, that you don’t need shiney tools that cost as much as a new truck to make something useful and pleasing to the eye. If you get half the encouragement from these words as you have given me, you’ll never need to give your detractors a second thought. Not that you should ignore all criticism – there is always room for improvement – but listen to your friends. What you hear from them may hurt, but the goal is improvement and the relationship is never jeopardized. Count such friends as greater value than your 401K.

  10. Jim says:

    The chemistry on the show is perfect. Dont let a couple of a-hole loosers change your thinking. You 3 have really refined the show over time and it shows- it’s not dead serious and thats the greatest part. The show is what it is with you in it. Ignore the haters Matt life is way to short! Keep up the good and entertaining work!

  11. Love Wood Talk online and love all three of you on it. You all have a fantastic synergy that just builds on itself every week. You crack me up all the time. You can’t please everyone all the time. The three of you partly inspired me to want to start podcasting too. I can’t imagine Wood Talk without you. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  12. Travis says:

    Matt, when I started looking for woodworking content on the internet I found Marc first and then wood talk introduced me to you and Shannon. I will say that I enjoy the show every week and you remind me of the type of humor I miss about growing up in Michigan. I hope you stay with the show for a long time to come. I am a fan of all three of you and I learn something new every time I come to any of your sites, afterall, that is what this is all about right? entertainment and education about the thing we all love. I am of the mind that no matter how advanced you are in anything you can always benifit from watching or listening to someone else from time to time. For me, I need all the help I can get so PLEASE keep the tips coming!

  13. Mike says:

    Chortle on dude!!! Enough said.

  14. Mike says:

    Chortle on dude!!! Enough said.

  15. Jon T says:

    RP1 and Brian want everyone to be like them. Unhappy.

    Tell ‘me to SUCK IT and to go buy some more festool to continue their unhappiness.

  16. Tammy Bouchard says:

    Matt..I have been listening to Wood Talk over the last year and have listened to every episode (at least once). I so appreciate you on the show because I am new to woodworking and don’t know everything. It is awesome to have someone on the show that I can identify with. I know it will take me years to be able to identify with Mark and especially Shannon :). You help to balance things for the rest of us, not to mention you are the one that always makes me bust a gut laughing.You are hilarious!!! Thanks for your work on the show. Wicked Awesome is all I can say!

  17. Joe G says:


    I am also a staunch supporter of your contribution. I was stunned when I read this post.

    I think the three of you complement each other very well. Shannon provides great hand tool advice and commentary, Marc contributes a great overall look at woodworking from a semi-professional’s point of view, but still down to earth. You (most importantly to me) provide a typical home hobbyist’s point of view. When the three of you each have a different take on a topic, I’m more apt to go with your advice, as it’s most likely to apply to more specifically to my hobby.

    Those that say you’re not funny have no sense of humor whatsoever. I always get a chuckle (or chortle) from your comments.

    Please don’t ever quit Wood Talk.


  18. John Di says:

    Woodtalk is something I look forward to every Wednesday. Your insight every week is invaluable.
    Don’t even think about leaving. The three of you have perfect chemistry for the show.

  19. Scott says:

    I have been listening to Woodtalk since the beginning and enjoy your sense of humor and value your comments and insights. Don’t let a couple of vitriolic jerks get you down. Never quit the show.

  20. JimK says:

    I for one always liked your humorous additions to the show and think that people that get offended by it should get a life. Life’s too short to succumb to these toxic people. Soldier on man!

  21. Cliff says:

    Matt, I for one do find you funny, entertaining, and informative. I can’t imagine the show without you. All of you guys are great and the show is some of the best content out there, not just in woodworking. I’m sure your critics are all master woodworkers, on par with Sam Maloof or another great, but I’m a hack with a garage and a slowly growing tool collection. As much as I appreciate what the other guys bring to the table, you are the one I can relate too. I’m not a master, I’m not even an apprentice. I’m a guy with some tools trying to figure this out. It helps to have somebody with more modest projects than Mark, and a broader interest than Shannon. Teams are made great by the sum of the parts and you add to that Team. Anyway sorry for the long response, and to the trolls BITE ME too.

  22. Martin R. says:

    Hi Matt,

    The show is perfect with you. You balance everything. Marc is the lucky one; he has access to all the best tools out there and he has quite a shop. Shannon on the other hand, is the specialist, wood species, etc. and everything to do with hand tools. But you, beside your good humor, you represent us, the average woodworker (please do take offense in this) and bring comments about what any of us might have in our shop, a budget conscientious shop. You bring your experience and what you decided to invest in and share your techniques that go with it. I simply love your input to the show. In some instances, we had to get by with only two of you. When this happens, the show feels very different and it feels weird. Don’t be so hard on you. Just think about all the great comments you are getting and forget about the bad ones. Some people are just mean, and they believe they know everything. I hope you will stick around for a long time.

    Love you Matt! (Well you know what I mean).

  23. Alf Bennett says:

    Hi Matt.

    The internet is made up of us that are keen to learn and share with each other, a smaller number of expert craftsmen. that have the time to spend sharing with us. Then their is the minority, those who need to feel important by criticising every thing and anybody or the safety police that just like to see their own name in print and you can tell that they have never joined two bits of wood together. Thanks for sharing your time with us, those that are still learning, when I can’t learn anything more from some one like you, well I guess I will be DEAD..

    Thanks Alf

  24. Screw those haters Matt… Who are they to encroach on someone’s right to freedom of speech and the ability to share ideas… Sometimes more important than the tools, or the masterpieces one makes is the passion and charisma that they share with the craft… Keep up your enthusiasm wood talk would not be wood talk without all three of you!

  25. Danny says:

    Matt, don’t let this kind of people upset you. You can’t please everyone. no matter what someone says about anything, someone else will hate it. That’s just the way some people are, there’s no pleasing them. They wouldn’t be happy if you hung them with a new rope.

  26. Bob c says:

    Love the show, the way it is, not just 2 hosts but all 3 of you guys.

    Listen to the haters and they sucked you into their mindless sickening spew. Keep up the awesome work

  27. Henrik says:

    Matt stay we need you all of us!
    even your co hosts

  28. Dale Allenberg says:

    Don’t listen to that 1% that always have negative things to say. They are the most vocal, while the 99% of us that love you need something like this to get our praise. I listen to you guys every week and it wouldn’t be the same show if any one of you three were missing. The three amigos compliment each other with their whit and wisdom. Matt I love your humor and your perspective on wood working. Keep up the great work.

  29. Franklin pug says:

    Forget those haters Matt. I think you are an excellent contributor to wood talk, and I also greatly appreciate your comments on woodtalkonline.com, as well as the email responses from my emailed questions. Keep up the good work, and I love the look of your new site.

    A longtime fan,


  30. Jason says:

    Glad to see the outpouring of support that has occurred in response to this post. It’s unfortunate that you had to deal with some very vocal critics, but those who speak the loudest often don’t represent the voice of the majority. Matt, you are an invaluable part of Woodtalk. Your wit makes the show great. Your Everyman persona makes the show approachable. Keep up the great work, I get excited every week when I pull up the podcast menu on my iPhone and a new Woodtalk pops up. Thanks for all you do!

  31. Some people are whackjob idiots, what are you going to do?

  32. Matt please, please ignore the comments from the trolls. I always enjoy the show, I had never you noticed you not finishing a point, hey perhaps the other guys but in :-). Anyway your perspective and knowledge is an essential part of the show and I hope to enjoy your contribution there for some time to come.
    BTW even though I am a “pro” I learn new stuff all the time on the show, my knowledge of home workshop methods is not the best and lets face it your pretty darn good at that stuff.

    Best Wishes


  33. Tim Bass says:

    Matt keep up the good work on Wood Talk. All three of you provide vital parts of the show each week. You are like so many of us that are working full time to support our family and try to squeeze in a little time in the shop in between. You are inspiring for your passion to the craft.

  34. Wade Hutchison says:

    As you said – the only policy with trolls is to not engage. Don’t listen to the haters – I really enjoy the show _with_ you, Matt. It’s very refreshing to hear an(other) amateur woodworker speaking to the masses – proving once again that the “pros” aren’t the only ones who can pass on valuable information. Please, keep up the good work!

  35. Matt,

    While I am no expert at woodworking, I have been at it for a while off & on. About 45 years or so. Each of you adds a different perspective to the show, and each is a contributing effort. That is what counts, the effort.

    Pretty much everyone we encounter can teach us something if we just open our ears, eyes and attitude. Should we fail to do this we are stuck in the mire that is pride. Too much pride and we fail to experience what life is all about.

    Keep up the good work, keep challenging yourself and having a good time, in and out of your shop.

    BTW, happy 16th birthday to your daughter. You did good skipping the show to spend time with her. She will be out on her own before you can turn around twice.


  36. Ted Blair says:


    Don’t let a couple of idiots get to you and ruin a great thing. You are one of us, a guy that has a passion for woodworking and just want to share that passion. We listen to the podcast because the three of you have different backgrounds and as such bring different things to the show. Stay the course, don’t change because of a couple of people who have come forward to make some negative comments because there are a lot more of us that have not spoken up that have only positive comments. If these guys are so upset they can stop listening.

    Keep up the great work!


  37. Jerry S says:

    Matt (the woodworking “Pod-father”),

    There is nothing more for me to say than what so many already have. We love you, and want you to continue on as you only you can. You are more of an inspiration than people give you credit for. Try your darnedest to keep those crazy thoughts of being the “weakest link” and whatever else those wackos say about you. As many have said, I feel I can relate to you the most. Our shops are almost identical in concept, your family is very similar, I live in the Midwest…you get the picture. You are my little bit of home/family when it comes to my hobby. I always know there is someone I can go to that will totally relate as well. You.

    I wish I was able to make it to the WIA show this year. But family and more realistically, the funding for the trip, just aren’t there this year. I saw you there a few years ago, wish I had made more of an effort to introduce myself and thank you for your website. Keep on, keeping on!!


  38. TRBaker says:

    “Bite Me” was the correct response. I may have used even harsher words.

  39. Gary M says:


    Even though you may have broken the rules by engaging trolls, that had to feel good to get that off your chest and vent!

    Please don’t sell yourself short, you contribute far more than you may even realize. Each listener of WTO is unique different and they may each relate to the hosts in varying amounts. I guarantee you that your contributions speak sweetly to many more listeners than you imagine. Hang in there buddy and keep on keepin’ on.


  40. Simon Stark says:


    Proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

    You have been an inspiration since I was starting out – a real person working proving to people like myself that it is possible to become a good woodworker in a basement with whatever tools we have. As for the show, as others have said, I think you provide a critical perspective(real person with a day job and a family) to the show, and behind the chortle is a wicked sense of humor that makes my commute bearable. My only criticism – I think you sell yourself short.

    Thank you for all you have done, for all you are doing, and keep up the good work!


  41. Kenneth Walton says:

    At least for me, a relative beginner, it’s nice to hear about someone who’s a more normal, just-like-me kind of woodworker. I’ll never be as good as Marc or as Neander-crazy as Shannon, and that can be intimidating. Having an Average Joe woodworker just makes sense to me.

  42. Cessnapilotbarry says:


    You are who you are, and that’s exactly why we like you!

    I’m glad to hear you’ll be around for a long time.

  43. Chris Faulkner says:


    I’ve been enjoying Wood Talk Online for about two years now and can say that as much as I love seeing a new one pop up with all three of you hosts on it, some of my favorite episodes are when it was only you and Marc. It would not be the same show without you.


  44. Todd says:


    Remember you’re the “GodFather of Woodworking podcasts”. Keep up the good work and don’t let these bad apples get you down. Hope to see you, Marc, Shannon, and get to meet other WoodTalk Online Radio listeners at WIA next month.

  45. Patrick says:


    I am an amateur woodworker in Southern Michigan. I like to use power tools and hand tools and my basement is my workshop. Guess which one of you three I relate too. While I really enjoy all three of you, yours are the experiences most closely reflecting my own. It constantly amazes me the cojones of trolls who complain about getting FREE podcasts. Rest assured that you remain the Podfather of woodwoking. Tell Brian and RP1 who complained to start their own podcast so we can all evaluate their skill and knowledge of the craft. Make them an offer they can’t refuse 🙂

  46. Glyn Weir says:

    Love the podcasts, always have and always will. When I read what you posted I too was upset. Then I though about what you said in your very first podcast about how you started as a way to document your journey developing you woodworking skills. From all your posts, you certainly seem to be enjoying the journey (well maybe not that time with the laminate trimmer). If someone else doesn’t enjoy your journey, they can go on their own instead of complaining about yours.

    Keep up the great show.

  47. Jerry Palmer says:

    I think your contributions have been wonderful and I believe the 3 of you compliment each other very well! I laughed and listened very carefully when the 3 of you talked about my question on the show concerning building a Ouija Board(made,finished and sold to an appreciative customer) I say I appreciate the 3 of you and you in particular…our humor is just about spot on the same!!! Have a good one Sir!

  48. Hi, Matt
    I have just started listening to wood talk and I give it a 24 pack of grape soda. Your contributions bridge the gap between Marc and Shannon. Dude don’t leave the show it would kill it. You are awesome.Stay Calm and Chortle On Matt.

  49. Stewart says:

    Matt, Ignore them! While ignoring them blacklist them from your free content. Let the complainers start their own site.

  50. Scott C. says:

    Matt – The diverse personalities is the main reason I like WoodTalk and your shows. Most of us out there are not experts…. we want to learn and you bring a very relatable perspective… don’t let it get to you. And for the record…. I like your injection of humor…. anyone who takes themselves too serious should just chill out. For the most part it is a hobby for us listeners and we do it because we enjoy it. I don’t think any one person makes the show… I think it is the combination of the 3 of you that makes us come back every episode…. Keep up the good work…. we are behind you man!

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