Introducing the “Spoken Wood Podcast”

January 16, 2010

Welcome to the very first episode of the Spoken Wood Podcast! This is a brand new show that I know will quickly become a favorite of all woodworkers who share a passion for all things woodworking. From tools to finishing, from amateur to professional. This show will cover all sorts of topics in the woodworking world, and will bring you back for more each week.

What exactly is the Spoken Wood Podcast? I’ve invited some of my favorite woodworking bloggers to share with us their stories and they kindly agreed and recorded them for all of us. Although, in some situations you’ll hear me reading them for the original author, but it’s still all about them and the great content they write.

To get things started this show will be appearing in the regular Matt’s Basement Workshop Audio Only Feed and the Website Feed. But eventually it’ll be available only via it’s own feed you can subscribe too through your choice of podcast aggregator or RSS Reader.

If you have any comments or questions about this show drop us a line at

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  1. Grant says:

    I had to stop and post this even before listening past your intro for the new show.
    I can now listen and learn and be inspired by these artists/craftsmen & craftswomen while taking care of mundane home business at the computer. There are so many GREAT woodworking blogger’s out there but I just can’t keep up!
    I can’t tell you how exciting this is!!!!
    I might even have to break down and learn how to put this stuff on one of those i-pod things so I can listen during my commute!
    I know this will be a huge success!!!!!
    Thanks Matt!

    North Branch, MN

    • Matt says:

      I’m so glad to hear this. A few are a little skeptical about this format, but I know everyone’s going to love it!

  2. Dave Ryhter says:

    Hey Matt, Can’t get it to work, I get this message ” The specified item cannot be found.
    Feel free to report this so that we can fix the problem. ”


    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the heads up! I’ve changed the download feature, so when you click on it the file will start downloading. It’ll appear as a .zip file, but just open the file and your computer should do the rest.

  3. Steve says:

    How about putting the podcasts on iTunes?


  4. Lindsay Celestin says:

    Hi Matt,

    What a good idea. Congratulations and hope this is a great success.


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