Joinery Part 1 – The Butt Joint

September 19, 2006

The butt joint is a basic all purpose joint, easy to make and very useful in all sorts of situations. The butt joint is crucial for gluing up multiple narrow boards into a single wider board. The key to a successful joint is to make sure that the mating edges are complimentary to each other.

Most likely your mating edges will be squared as a result of running them through a power jointer, but there are other ways to achieve the complimentary edges. Other methods for achieving the mating edges include using a hand plane or even using jigs for either a router or a tablesaw.

The strongest butt joints are achieved by gluing long grain to long grain edges, this type of joint is strong by itself but if you’re concerned about excessive stress it’s possible to reinforce the edges with various aides. Reinforcing joints can be done with either a biscuit joiner, dowels or even pocket holes.

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