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February 24, 2009

Just a quick little video for the fun of it. I’m in the middle of a couple of projects and one of them is using some beautiful Cherry Plywood (expensive too!!).

I needed to make some cuts and it was late at night. So instead of pulling out the track saw and making all kinds of noise I simply grabbed my “crappy” old, red plastic handled Sears crosscut saw and went to town.

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  1. Skee says:


    I love the quiet effect of the winning smile after you put the square up against it. Communicates very well the “Yep, I did it and it came up just the way I wanted it to!”

    Absolutely great stuff. All you need is a small little blower attachment (like for a scroll saw) to remove the sawdust as you make progress!

    And it is clear you’re still having a blast with the hobby!

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Matt,

    You made reference to cleaning up the cut with a handplane.

    Do you mean you would clean up the plywood edge with a handplane, or just any tearout/lift of the top veneer?

    I always thought it would be a “bad” thing to plane the edge i.e. shoot the edge of plywood because of the glue/resin etc. between the layers.

  3. Ken F says:

    You, you are one sleep walkin like Ninja with that Saw.


  4. Richard Vogel says:

    Cool video. I have found that the handsaws I have are often very valuable and overlooked. Arm power is underrated. Thanks.

  5. Grant says:

    OK SHOW-OFF! (-:

    A couple of questions for you:
    Did you tune that saw or was it still in a straight from the home store condition?
    Did you score the plywood first?
    Was the tape strictly to prevent tear-out?
    Was the “Schwarz” with you?

    How about a couple of sawing tips?

    I LOVED the video Matt!
    Great work!
    Keep’em comming!

    Grant (BigChessie) in North Branch MN

    • Matt says:

      Thanks!! To answer your questions that saw is “as is” right from Sears, I haven’t touched it at all. I also didn’t score the plywood, I had thought about it, but was a little lazy. Actually that’s what I had hoped the tape would take care of for me. And it did a great job too. Very little if any at all noticable tearout as a result.

      And last but not least…The Schwarz was with me…I’m not as strong with him as some, but yes I did channel while cutting LOL!!

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