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December 3, 2013

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Everyone loves receiving handmade gifts at the holidays. Be they as simple as cutting boards or as elaborate as a Highboy, the fact you took the time to create a gift that is like no other tells the recipient that they matter and you wanted to do something special for them.

But the reality of the situation is more like…you’re standing in the middle of your shop realizing that while you have the material, the plans and the know how you have ZERO time to build the gift you pictured in your mind (if you actually had a gift in mind…which I never do!)

Don’t worry though, we’ve all been there and thankfully someone had the foresight to think ahead and solicit suggestions and ideas to help us through the pressure of this season of giving.

Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench has put together the ultimate last minute woodworker idea list. It’s titled the “Last Minute Elf” and more than likely you’ll simply refer to it as a miracle!

From December 1 to December 7 of this year, Tom will be posting “last minute” ideas to help you come up with a few projects that will make you shine like the woodworking hero you are.

To find the projects, visit Tom’s website at

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