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September 11, 2013

The new school year is well underway and while my kids were complaining about having to do homework each night I told them I had a few lessons of my own I needed to sit down and learn.

Of course what I didn’t tell them was my lessons were all online and all about my favorite subject “WOODWORKING”!

The latest episode of the Highland Woodworker was posted recently and once again it doesn’t disappoint. Chuck and his crew take us all over the country visiting experts on woodworking and introduce us to resources, products and great instructors who help to inspire and teach us to become better woodworkers.

A favorite segment of mine is “Moment with a master”. This month features Gary Rogowski at his Portland-based school “Northwest Woodworking Studio”. After having met Gary for the first time earlier this summer at the Weekend with WOOD conference, I really enjoy Gary’s approach to woodworking and his teaching style.

Don’t miss this episode or any of the previous ones either, you’ll find them at

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