“10 Quick Tips to Make Miter Joints Better and Easier” from M&M Tool Parts

June 18, 20140 Comments

Now that the bathroom cabinet is completed and the client has picked it up, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next.

One thing for sure is that whatever it is, now that we’re in the warm days of summer I want something that gets me in the shop but leaves me plenty of time to soak up the sun and have a little fun with the family.

miter joints

Learn to make better miter joints from M&M Tool Parts

One project the Vanderlist Household is sorely in need of is picture frames. As the husband of a photographer it would make sense that I have plenty of experience with this sort of project, but truth-be-told I don’t!

So while I’m pondering what kind of frames I might make for hanging on our walls, and giving away to family and friends, I’m reading an article posted by our friends at M&M Tool Parts titled “10 Quick Tips to Make Miter Joints Better and Easier” written by Mallory Kramer.

Right out of the gate two of my favorite tips from Mallory are numbers 2. and 3. “Make a scrap-wood guide” and “the touch test.” In a nutshell; have some scrap pieces left over from previous builds on hand for test fits and don’t just rely on your eye to ensure the fit is just right, get your hands all over it.

To read all 10 of Mallory’s tips to make miter joints better and easier visit the M&M Tool Parts blog by clicking here. While you’re there, checkout all of their other great posts including some very well written tool reviews.

And don’t forget to signup for their newsletter too to potentially save a little green.

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