Mallory’s tool tips on Miter Saws

July 25, 20150 Comments

One reason I haven’t been posting a lot of content this month is due to a recent project I’ve been working on for a client (friend/boss.)

It was a big project, and I still have one more piece to build, which I plan to share more about soon.

Because of the overall size of the project I wasn’t able to work on it in my basement workshop.

Instead, I transformed the garage into a temporary workshop where I put both my track saw and miter saw through their paces handling all of my cutting requirements.

You might not know this, but I’m not a huge fan of miter saws. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re great tools for what they do, but if I can use my table saw and its miter gauge for an angled cut, I’m doing it.

Not the make or model I own...just a pic of one

Not the make or model I own…just a pic of one

I can guarantee my aversion to the miter saw has everything to do with the models I’ve owned. They’ve satisfied the basic needs when I had a big project (usually a carpentry job around the house) but came up lacking later on when I need something more accurate.

Whatever the reason is, I’m sure if I just took the time to tweak my miter saw for better performance (something more than just a new blade) I’d start getting the results I’m hoping for.

Thanks to Mallory Kramer’s recent article at M&M Tool Parts’ Shop Talk blog “5 Ways to Get Better Results from Your Miter Saw” I now have a few pointers for when I get started on those tweaks.

Shop Talk Blog at

A huge thanks to Mallory and the crew at M&M Tool Parts for sharing!

Take a look at the article and see if there’s something in there to help you also get better results on your miter saw.

If you have one (other than the obvious “purchase this saw instead”) leave a comment below, I’d love to read it and share with everyone.

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