March Schwag Winners Have Not Been Forgotten!

April 2, 2013

Hey folks I swear I didn’t forget the March Schwag winners. Between the new site going live and April Fools day, I didn’t want them to get lost or presumed false along the way.

So without further delay here are our the winners of the March 2013 Schwag drawings:

What kind of Schwag do we have to give away? Here’s what’s on the list so far this month…more to come, GOOD LUCK!!!

Congrats to – John Renczkowski & Eric Woods
Minwax Tool Box Kit – 1 Winner
Congrats to – Chuck McGhee
Infinity Cutting Tools Rabbet Router Bit Combo Set – 1 Winner
Infinity Rabbeting setCongrats to – Gene Danzey

Congrats to the winners, I will be contacting you shortly to make arrangements to get the schwag out the door and on its way to you shortly.

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  1. Larry Thayer says:

    Where is the new place to sign up for April schwag? … or is this it?

  2. Handi says:

    Hey Matt,

    Long time no See! I would like a Refresher Course on where I can Submit my Swag Request for the month of April. I can’t recall where you said you could Sign up at.

    I’m kinda Catching up on some lost time on Podcast and the likes with you and Marc. Been outta the Game for awhile. Tryin to get back in the Swing of things. I’m Catching up right now on #440 where you Build the Kids Book Shelf.

    So Fill me in if you don’t mind. Sucks being Seasonal Woodworker when you got no heat in the Shop and of course no money to Buy what I need LOL


  3. Mark Loughran says:

    Hi Matt

    Loooove the new website, looks fantastic, well done, and hope it goes well!!!

    Best wishes


  4. Frank Thornal says:

    Why am I getting 30 to 40 Schwag emails daily? Please correct this immediately or take my email off your list.

    • Matt says:

      Frank at the bottom of the email is a link that allows you to “manage” the comment notifications.

      The “notify me of follow-up comments” must have been turned on. I can’t do this for you as I don’t have access to your personal settings.

      I’m sorry you’ve been inundated by the emails.

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