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December 5, 20143 Comments

I get asked frequently if my kids are interested in woodworking as much as I am? The answer is an absolute NO, they have pretty much zero interest, and I’m totally cool with it.

kids in the woodshop

My happy campers hanging with dad in the shop…

They have their own things they enjoy doing and I completely respect them for it (that, and I don’t have to worry about sharing my tools, which I’m even more cool with than anything else.)

The other day someone sent me a link to a turning video, and made a comment about the woodworker’s young age. It’s not unusual to see kids posting videos of projects they’ve built, but typically they’re a little bit older. So I sat there completely engrossed watching Chip from “Chip in Action” turning a lidded box from a small tree limb he picked up on a recent hike.

New to woodturning, I found myself picking up a couple of pointers from Chip and even decided that maybe I need to branch out and try a lidded box myself sometime soon.

Thanks for the inspiration Chip, I’ve already subscribed to your channel and I suggest if you’re reading this that you check it out also. This kid has some mad skills, but more important, it looks like he’s having a lot of fun in the process.

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  1. subala says:

    Thanks for the heads up Matt. Chip’s got it goin’ on. I hope he keeps his channel going in the coming years. It’ll be great seeing his growth as a woodworker. I’m digging his slat chair design.

  2. durbien says:

    Hi Matt, love your blog. Chip’s video is neat, but I’d recommend against wiping a spinning workpiece with your shirt.

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