Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 13

October 12, 2011

In the realm of sharpening there are two schools of thought. Hand sharpening; using stones (natural vs man-made, oil vs water) and either free-hand honing or using a jig. And then there’s power sharpening; grinders and the like.
How you sharpen, can be as controversial and divisive as politics and religion. There are strong opinions on just about every technique and tool involved. But regardless of where you stand on the subject, one thing is for certain. We as woodworkers want sharp tools!
A well known name on the side of power sharpening is Tormek. A longtime leader in the evolution of wet grinding, Tormek has become the standard others try to achieve.
The Swedish-made Tormek Grinder Sharpening system is unsurpassed for quality, versatility, edge positioning accuracy and repeatability when grinding, sharpening and honing just about every tool in your shop and home. There are optional Tormek Grinder jigs for practically every kind of tool!

* 10″ ceramically made, 220 grit aluminum oxide grindstone wheel.
* Included Stone Grader allows you to grade the stone from 220 grit to 1 grit in about 30 seconds.
* Honing the tool’s edge occurs on the included Leather Stropping Wheel.
* Kit includes a Square Edge Jig, Pro Anglemaster, Universal Support bar with Micro-adjust, Horizontal Tool Rest
Base, Truing & Dressing Tool TT50, Tormek Handbook & DVD.
* A quiet, yet powerful AC motor spins the stone at a comfortable 90 RPM.
* The wheel remains continuously bathed in water, keeping tool edges cool and free from risk of overheating.
* The rotation rate of the Tormek Grinder avoids slinging water while the water tray captures the grinding dust,
eliminating any air-borne respiratory hazards.
* 7-year Tormek Grinder warranty.

For more information on the Tormek T-7 Grinder CLICK HERE.

BORA Wide Track Clamp Edges are a great tool in any shop. Their clamping strength holds glue ups extremely well, their rigid bodies won’t buckle under the stress of the strong clamping pressure they exert and then you
combine all of that with a straight edge too? What could you add to these to make any better? How about an extra set of clamping pads on the backside?

The BORA Wide Track Clamp Edges were designed with a built in T-slot track system. Not just one, but two. One on each edge of the body. This makes adding jigs and fixtures to the clamp edge easy and provides you with that
extra flexibility in what you can do with them.

To help take advantage of the extra flexibility, BORA created a pair of Auxillary Clamp Pads which utilze the T-slots to essentially give you another set of clamps built into the back of the existing pair. What you choose to do with them is up to you.

* For use with all BORA Clamp Edge Wide Track Tool guides.
* Simple cam-action clamp slides into the T-slots
* Soft-grip clamping pad won’t mar formed material edges
* Adjusts along entire length of Wide Track tool guide surface

For more information on the BORA Auxillary Clamps CLICK HERE.

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