Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 14

October 19, 2011

FAN-BOY ALERT*** I’m a self-proclaimed Christopher Schwarz fan. I enjoy reading and watching much of what he does in the realm of woodworking. So when I heard he was writing another book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.
Well, as of my writing this post, I still have yet to get a copy of the Anarchist’s Tool Chest and read it for myself. Not because I’m being an anarchists to my fan-boy ways, I’m just concerned that based on previous reactions to Chris’ writings I may just change the way I approach woodworking once again. And I’m not ready for that kind of overhaul again…yet.
According to the description of the book on Lee Valley’s website (much more descriptive of the content than even Chris’ own Lost Art Press website) “Casting himself as the “anarchist” of the title, Schwarz challenges the prevailing notion that woodworkers need a vast array of specialized woodworking tools and gadgets. He draws on his years of experience, highlighting his mistakes as much as his successes, to encourage woodworkers to choose and use their tools more thoughtfully…
Written in the relaxed, engaging style Schwartz is known for, the book examines several tool categories in detail: planes, marking and measuring tools, edge tools, saws, sharpening equipment and others. It covers their design and function, how to identify real quality and utility, and which tools you can make yourself…”

* 480 pages, printed and bound in the United States on acid-free 60# paper.
* Hardcover is Smythe sewn and covered in linen.
* Copies sold by Lost Art Press are signed by the author (available elsewhere too).

For more information on The Anarchist’s Tool Chest CLICK HERE.

Veritas Small Bevel-Up smooth plane is sure to fill a void in the plane world. Bevel-up planes are quickly becoming a plane users favorite. The low angle of the blade’s bevel can easily make quick work of dealing with end-grains and even some of the trickiest grained wood species.

Comparable in size to a #3 bench plane, this low-angle smoother is 9″ long, 2-5/16″ wide and weighs only 2 lb 12 oz. That smaller and lighter size makes it easier to maneuver and less fatiguing.
And at 1-3/4″ wide, the narrower blade makes cuts easier to push through. Especially when using the plane for tasks such as final finishing of surfaces, end-grain work or shooting miters. In other words, all the benefits of a larger bevel-up smoothing plane, but without all the weight.

* 12° bed angle and a movable toe fully enclosed by the body casting.
* Locking front knob controls the toe to set the mouth opening.
* Norris-type adjuster mechanism combines feed and lateral adjustments.
* Set screws on either side of the blade prevent shifting in use.
* The front knob and rear handle are bubinga.
* Included 25° bevel blade in A2 or O1 steel.
* Optional 38° & 50° bevel blades, as well as a toothed A2 blade.
Image thanks to Lee Valley

For more information on the Veritas Small Bevel-Up Smooth Plane CLICK HERE.

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  1. RavinHeart says:

    I’m about half way through to book and LOVE IT. He is as good of an author as a speaker. Any woodworker that hasn’t had a chance to read it i recommend getting a copy

  2. Ian Mackay says:

    I’m almost finished reading this book….you’ll be at risk of joining the likes of Shannon Rogers and Tom Fidgen after reading this book. Thoughts like “if I pile all my power tools in the corner I’d have room for a really great workbench and a nifty new tool chest” will invade your consciousness on a regular basis. Watch your tailed-tools gets very anxious if you bring this book into your workshop.


    Reminds me of a t-shirt I saw: Come to the dark side….we have cookies!

  3. John Verreault (aka Johnny_Vee) says:

    I’m also about half way through it myself. Great read.
    As for the plane, I tried one out at my local LV store and it is sweet. A very nice small smoother. Perhaps it will be dropped off under my Christmas tree by the elves ;^) ….



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