Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 15

October 26, 2011

Benchcrafted makes more than vises and bench equipment. They also make simple tools that simply work. How many tool manufacturers can say that?

One such tool is the Skraper.

A hand held scraper is a great tool for a number of jobs. But the models on the market that first come to mind just don’t seem to cut it like they should. They’re to large to get into tight corners and the blades can dull too quickly when you need them the most. And unlike a card scraper, the leading edge of the Skraper is held at 90 degrees, greatly reducing the chance of grain tearing while removing glue.

Benchcrafted introduced their version of a scraper a few years ago, but it’s well worth taking a look at if you don’t own one.

* Solid carbide bar honed on three sides and ends.
* 8 razor sharp edges capable of taking fine shavings.
* Angled handle gives you more control in tight locations.
* Great for removing glue squeeze out, especially in corners.
* Can be used similar to a card scraper to refine small surfaces.

To learn more about the Benchcrafted Skraper CLICK HERE.

Czeck Edge Hand Tool is known for having some of the most beautiful tools on the market. The color and grains of the wood Bob uses to craft his marking knives, burnishers, dovetail chisels and awls is breathtaking.

While buying one of the Czeck Edge creations is a real treat, being able to make your own is an even bigger treat.

Especially if you have an amazing piece of stock that you just don’t know what else to do with, but don’t want it just sitting around collecting dust and going to waste. If that’s the situation, than one of the many Czeck Edge Hand Tool kits is a good option for you.

Bob has put together a number of kits for the woodworker who wants to make one of his tools at home. Whether it’s a Bird Cage Awl, a Burnisher or a Pattern Pilot marking knife. Bob has a kit waiting for you.

* Includes all blades & rods ground & polished.
* Protective guards to keep tools sharp.
* Bronze ferrules.
* Complete instructions for building each tool.
* Multiple tool kits available also.

To learn more about Czeck Edge Hand Tool Kits CLICK HERE.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Love my Skraper! I bought one at WIA in 2009 and there is not a project since that it hasn’t been used on. It excels as pulling up dried squeeze out in inside case corners. It actually makes shavings.

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