Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 21

February 15, 2012

Over the last several years there’s been A LOT of talk and discussion about workbenches. From small sawbenches that can be tucked under full size workbenches to monster “Franken-benches” that could several people could work on all at once. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you find yourself standing at, the truth of the matter at the end of the shop day is that we all need something to work off of.

One of my earliest purchases to help me with projects (especially away from the shop) was a foldable, portable workbench. You know the type. They fold up like a sawhorse, have a tabletop that doubles as a vise and has dogholes and cheap little plastic pieces that are suppose to grip your project or support your tool. It filled the need at the time and now doubles as my “router-table” stand. But it’s always been lacking to say the least.

If you’ve had a similar situation, and I think you probably have, I found a solution for the complete lacking of those portable benches. It’s in the form of the PM7 from Port-A-Mate.

Standard features include:
* Specifically designed for use with 10-12″ miter saws, but with add-ons supports most benchtop tools (tablesaw, planers, etc.)
* Quick-mount machine attachment arms, roller supports & support “T”s.
* Completely portable on it’s (2) 8” wheels to almost any jobsite.
* Onboard (4) outlet power center (110v).
* Built in storage compartment

Where this portable workbench system really shines is when you look at the available Accessory “OPTIONS”. Including the following:

Large Capacity Quick-Vise
Work Light
7010 Router Table

For more information on these and other great tools by Port-A-Mate visit their website at www.portamate.com.

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