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March 18, 2009

Wednesday March 18th, 2009 at 8:00PM EST the latest Wood Talk Online Live will be happening so make it if you can. Otherwise you’ll find the show also available as its regular podcast self the following day, where you can listen and laugh along almost as if you’d been there when it happened!!

Coming up this weekend the latest episode with Hendrik will be posted. So look for that on Friday. We’re starting a “mini-series” where we discuss various aspects of finishing & staining and this week we have questions about surface preparation prior to finishing. Next month’s topic will be posted very soon, so you’ll have a chance to submit your question.

Of course if you’re not sure what the topic for Hendrik’s visit will be, you can always check the link available on the homepage at www.mattsbasementworkshop.com. It’s halfway down the page on the right, just look for the Passion for Wood logo.

Last but not least I wanted to give a huge welcome to our newest sponsor/advertiser BORA Straight Edge Clamps!! I’ve had a chance to use these great clamps and they’ll be featured on an upcoming episode all about straight edges. If you’re not familiar with them, definitely checkout their link on the homepage and see what they’re all about!!

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