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August 13, 2010

Not so long ago on a recent episode of Wood Talk Online my co-hosts and I listed off some of the things on our Woodworker’s Bucket List. I don’t exactly remember what Marc and Shannon listed, although I’m sure one of them was to co-host a woodworking talk show with me, but who wouldn’t have that on theirs?

For myself one that absolutely terrifies me, but one I need to accomplish, is building a Windsor Chair. After hearing this I did receive a nice email from Chris Schwarz who coincidentally was traveling to take a class on that very subject with Mike Dunbar. Chris was kind enough to ensure me that if he could do it, anyone could do it.

I thanked him for the reassurance and then immediately reminded myself of another time he offered me some kind words, anyone remember Ham Hands? For the record, Chris attempted to protect my identity, but I think I learn best through shaming.

But as a result, I can only imagine the final outcome if I were to show him the product of my first Windsor Chair construction. The scene from “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson plays over and over in my mind, you know the one. He’s constructing a chair in his shop, it breaks when he leans back and he ends up tossing it in the corner on a pile of previous attempts. That’s ALL I can see happening.

Anyways, this is all leading up to an opportunity that was presented to me by my sponsors at Highland Woodworking. Coming up October 23-29, 2010 Peter Galbert is teaching a hands-on class in building a Child’s Windsor Balloon Back Chair. This is an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up, but sadly I just can’t swing it. My remaining vacation time is pretty much already spoken for going into the end of the year.

Peter is an amazing chair maker, checkout his Website and blog titled Chair Notes (from which I’ve been begging for some content for Spoken Wood Podcast…unfortunately for us Peter is very busy currently, but he promises some day soon). But my missed opportunity means there might be one more opening for one of you. And thus allowing me to live vicariously through you.

To learn more about the class, checkout Highland Woodworking’s Blog where you’ll not only find more information and a link to sign up for the class, but you’ll also find a great guest blog entry from Peter Galbert too.

Tell them Matt sent you.

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  1. Marc,
    This past weekend in Chautauqua NY, I saw another Windsor chair maker’s work, Joe Graham (http://lenoxworkshops.com) near Cleveland. First class! This guy deserves a look.

    Bill Elliott

  2. I think you would build great chairs, and if I where you I would just go it the next chance you get. Windsor chairs are on my bucket list also. I have repair a bunch of them, but have never had the opportunity to build one, maybe one of these day I’ll get a chance to take a class.


    • Matt says:

      Thanks Joe, I underestimate my own ability, but these really scare me. Maybe we need to coordinate a “Woodworkers who are scared of Windsor chair construction” workshop LOL!!!

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