Mixed tapes and woodworking

September 6, 2013

My daughter turned 16 this week and I’m just not ready to deal with that reality yet. Not because I’m worried about her dating or because she’s only a couple years away from graduating. Don’t get me wrong, those are a few things that cross my mind and keep me up at night!

Instead, I’m wrestling with more important issues like…“HOW DID I GET TO BE SO OLD SO FAST???” and that oldness has never been more evident than when I compare my biggest concern at age 16 to her’s.

For example at 16 I practically knocked down everyone in front of me at the Secretary of State’s office in an attempt to get my driver’s license, her…“I’ll get it eventually”WHAT?!?!?

One thing we DO have in common is that we both love music, but that’s where that similarity ends. She has an iPod at 16 and I had mixed tapes.

My daughter rolls her eyes when I start any conversation with “back in my day…” but I was suddenly transported back to those days when I stumbled across this video the other day.

Mixtape – jeffskierkadesigns.com from Jeff Skierka on Vimeo.

I don’t think I can convince my wife we should build this…actually that’s not true, she has twice as many tapes as I do in the basement…but it’s a nice homage to a past that makes me smile once in a while.

Who knows, if this podcasting thing doesn’t pan out in the long run maybe I’ll start recording on a tape deck and just mail them out to subscribers so they can pass them between friends?

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  1. Jerry Palmer says:

    I gotta say that was awesome! Takes me back and satisfies some of that woodworking craving just watching it! Thanks a lot Matt! Now to get one that plays!

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