M&M Tool Parts shows us how to unstick a stuck screw

March 7, 2014
image courtesy of Lifehacker.com

image courtesy of Lifehacker.com

Sure the Polar Vortex has piled up a few feet of snow, but it’s time to start prepping for some Spring renovation projects. I’m sure at some point I’m going to be facing a stuck screw during one or two of those “to-do” list items I’ll be tackling as the weather warms up and the icecaps recede.

Rather than doing what I normally do when I’m faced with a stuck screw I think I’ll try one of these 5 methods of stubborn screw removals that the folks over at M&M Tool Parts wrote about recently.

“Typically caused by the inevitable rust and corrosion that occurs inside a screw hole, a stuck screw can be an incredibly frustrating thing to work with.

Not only can it slow a project down, but it can throw a wet wool blanket over anybody’s good mood. This corrosion effectively locks a screw into place and removing the thing can potentially destroy the screw itself or, worse yet, the material it’s embedded in.

Fortunately, though, there are few sure-fire methods that will help you remove a stuck screw with relative ease and minimal annoyance.”

From “Chemical Warfare” to “Total Annihilation” you’ll probably find a few new ways to tackle a stuck screw without screwing up your project!

Checkout the article and all the great suggestions over at www.mmtoolparts.com.


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  1. Josh Clemence says:

    There are much easier methods! Just put a some Vice Grips on the head and back it out of the hole.

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