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September 3, 2012

No need to panic, but I won’t be posting any new content for another week or two (no need to overtly celebrate my absence either!!!).

Nothing major has happened and thankfully we’re all OK, it’s just the beginning of another school year and that means I need to devote as much attention as possible to helping my family re-adjust to a new schedule. This might be a tough one this year. My daughter is entering High School and it’s going to be a BIG adjustment for all of us in many different ways.

For the past eight years we’ve been driving both kids to the same school, schedules adjust rather quickly and there wasn’t much of a hiccup other than the usual bemoanings of having to get up early (the kids didn’t like it either). This year on the other hand will be a big adjustment!

You see, our kids have attended a small charter school their entire school life so far. We like it because they actually place an emphasis on the importance of art in the academic world. I won’t get political, but I don’t subscribe to the idea that there’s no place for programs like art, music, theater, etc in the schools. Fine arts are crucial in a child’s development and I’ll leave it at that!

Our school was small and the new High School is not. The wing where her locker is located probably will have more students in the hallway between classes than the entire school population she just left…you can see how we may need some time for re-adjustments.

New content is in the works and I’ll be releasing it sooner than you may think. In the meantime, if you hear any crying or gnashing of teeth in the far off distance there’s a good chance it’ll be me.

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