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August 13, 2015

In January 2016 I’ll have been podcasting in one form or another for 10 years. Ordinarily this is where I insert some sort of self-defeating comment like “I’m sorry,” but I’m not going to, because in reality I’m rather proud of it!

But this isn’t an anniversary post. Instead, it’s a heads up to anyone who is either in the process of, or plans to go back through my archived content from the past 9+ years.

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Starting August 20, 2015 many of my downloadable files and some of the embedded video/audio players throughout the archives here at Matt’s Basement Workshop will go dead for a short while. Not because I’m pulling the plug on them permanently, instead it’s a result of one of my longtime hosting services closing shop.

For years I’ve been using a free-to-me service called to host much of my content. Back in July they sent a notice to content producers warning us to make arrangements to move our downloadable files elsewhere to insure uninterrupted service.


Thankfully, after podcasting and producing content for all these years, I’m already familiar with the fact you can’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to hosting services.

This is why myself, and many others, have always taken the time to make efforts to have our files available across a wide number of platforms.

Too many people producing content are over-confident in leaving all their video and audio files in one place. Unfortunately as many content producers have learned the hard way over the years, diversification of platforms is important! isn’t the first hosting service to announce they’re quitting the business, or changing their services, or requiring certain things from content creators (such as mandatory advertising, etc.) but at least they’re giving everyone notice of their planned closing.

In the past, there have been plenty of situations where similar companies just pull the plug on their servers and never say anything to their content producers and subscribers.

So what does this mean to you?

Nothing really when it comes to much of the most recent episodes over the past year and a half here on the website. But if you find something from even just as far back as 2013 that you wanted to checkout, there maybe a little hiccup in possibly downloading or watching it until I can make the final changes to the links in the coming weeks or months.

For certain, the hardest hit files will be the audio-only versions of many of the older videos (I’ll have more about this later) as the issue I’m running into is that many of the links were generated by and I didn’t follow my own advice on not uploading them elsewhere.

The best thing about having 500+ episodes is there’s a lot to share with all of you. The only downside is finding the time to fix them as deadlines like this one are rapidly approaching.

So please bear with me, and if you come across downloadable links that aren’t working feel free to reach out and let me know. I’ll be happy to see what I can do about getting them taken care of as quickly as my bandwidth will allow.

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  1. Charlie Peare says:

    Hi Matt. If your struggle getting the files downloaded from – I have a method to extract the URL’s en-masse and download them. This includes the mp3s, for example turning the url into – which works around not letting you play/download the first url. Just let me know if you need them @cosmicvibes

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