More Reasons To Enter The Schwag Drawings in November

November 15, 20102 Comments

We’re halfway through the month of November and the schwag drawings are only a couple of weeks away. I hope you’ve entered your name this month, because you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to win some of the great schwag we have.

For about as long as the schwag drawings have been happening on Matt’s Basement Workshop the great folks at Highland Woodworking have given away their Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blades. This month is no exception, in fact as we’ve done for quite awhile now we’ll be giving away a blade to two lucky winners.

If you’re not familiar with Highland’s Wood Slicer resaw blades here’s what you should know why this is such a great schwag score.

Directly from Highland Woodworking’s website:
Wood Slicer bandsaw blades cut smoother and quieter than any other resawing blade on the market. Its outstanding performance is due to its 3-4 tpi variable tooth pitch design. The Wood Slicer’s tooth pattern damps harmonic resonance extremely effectively; the result is superlatively smooth cuts and much, much quieter operation than ordinary bandsaw blades.

Quality of cut is simply fabulous. Resawn surfaces are extraordinarily smooth, with few torn or broken fibers and nearly invisible tooth marks. Testing the blades here at the store, we’ve produced 9″ wide veneers no thicker than 1/32″, clean enough for glue-up and ready to begin sanding at 100 grit. We’ve never seen a resawing bandsaw blade cut this smoothly, and we’re willing to bet you haven’t either.

I can tell you from experience, the Wood Slicer blade is well worth the money and works exactly as they say. Prior to getting my new bandsaw, my old saw was extremely underpowered, a mere 1/3HP. After installing the Wood Slicer it cut as if the motor were changed and not the blade…NO EXAGGERATION!!!

But don’t take my word for it, Fine Wood Working Magazine rated the Wood Slicer Best All-Round for speed, flatness & smoothness and if that weren’t enough, read a few of the many customer testimonials while checking out the Wood Slicer for yourself. Visit Highland Woodworking today to take a look and decide for yourself. CLICK HERE TO VISIT.

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    matt have you build a door i am think about do one but did not know what router bits I would need

    • Matt says:

      Hi Robert

      I haven’t built a door, other than for a cabinet, yet. I’ve thought about it several times as we have a door or two that we wouldn’t mind replacing, but just aren’t seeing what we like.

      I know manufacturers such as CMT and Freud make door sets that are designed to be used with a router vs a shaper, but I don’t have any experience with them.

      I’ll snoop around and see if I can find some resources that might be a good read on the topic.

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