Morton reviews the Steel City Planer with Carbide Cutters

March 19, 2013

I remember wandering the show floor at AWFS 2009 and seeing a booth featuring helical cutterheads for jointers and thickness planers and thinking “I need to get one of those for my tools!”. I also remember thinking about how amazing it would be if I had one with carbide cutters versus the usual high speed steel models I was familiar with.

Image thanks to Highland woodworking

Image thanks to Highland woodworking

Over at Highland Woodworking their promoting the Steel City Planer with Carbide Cutters and it’s starting to pique my interests again.

According to the description at Highland’s online catalog “Helical cutterheads run significantly quieter and provide improved overall quality of finish compared to straight-knife cutterheads. They also greatly simplify blade maintenance since a nicked cutter can easily be rotated to a fresh edge instead of having to resharpen or replace an entire knife.”

Anyone want to buy my old Rigid model? It works great, but after watching this review and reading the description, I want a new one. For more information on the Steel City Planer with Carbide Cutters CLICK HERE.

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  1. Yea I’ve been trying to figure out if I get the dewalt and upgrade it to a helical cutterhead later. I know its arguably a better cutter but the total investment is like $1000 at that point. 

  2. Dave deitrick says:

    I have a steel city jointer with helical cutters if you want to check it out.

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