Movember donations – Giving it all away!

November 10, 20140 Comments

In honor of the “Movember” (or if you prefer “No shave November”) festivities I thought I’d do my part to help out such a great cause by challenging all of you to a little fundraiser!

movember stache image

Starting today and running through November 23, I’ll donate 100% of my earnings on any purchases made through my affiliate links with, Shop Woodworking, or via a direct donation to my PayPal account.

And since I released the beard comb video last Friday, I’ll include any earnings starting from November 7 until now in the amount also.

Here’s a few links to help get you started:

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.
Don’t forget to use offer code Mattsbasement25 to get 25% off your purchase

Plus on top of it, if you purchase a “Your Brain on Matt’s Basement Workshop” t-shirt, all proceeds (minus $5.00USD for postage and handling, sizes and stock are limited but we still have 2XL and a couple 3XL left) will also be donated to the cause.

“Your Brain on MBW”Matt in Your Brain on Matt's Basement Workshop t-shirtYour Brain white background

“Your Brain on MBW”

To keep all of you up-to-date on the amount I’ll be donating, I will include frequent updates on the MBW Facebook page, along with this post also.

For the sake of total transparency, the money donated is being given to help sponsor my dear friend Terry who has participated in, and has put on Movember parties for several years now.

He has a challenge going on with many others and I’ll be supporting his team with these donations that are 100% handed over to the Movember Charity at this link.

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