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December 13, 20116 Comments

Not too long ago I wrote a post about In it I mentioned what a great service they provide for ANYONE looking for real world reviews about all kinds of tools.

I mentioned how gives reviewers a tool to take back to their shop or job site or wherever they’ll use it and then have the reviewer not just play with the tool and memorize the manual, but instead have the reviewer really USE the tool in day to day applications.

Once they’re done, they come back in to the studio and share their results.

In that post I also mentioned I would eventually be appearing in an upcoming segment to review a tool I had the chance of putting through the paces.

Well, the time has come, here’s that video. It was a great experience and I hope the review can help someone else with their decision if they’re looking for a similar tool to purchase.

Who know’s? You may see me on the set again sometime!

Visit and decide for yourself, or don’t…it’s up to you.

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  1. Jim B says:

    Content seems pretty limited. I looked under “drill presses and mortice machines” and there are 2 Jet drill presses and one Jet mortice machine. OK. let’s try “band saws”… Two bandsaws by, you guessed it, Jet.

    Still, the concept is good. Maybe in six months or a year it’ll be worth revisiting.

    • Matt says:

      ToolSelect is still pretty new on the scene so a lot of tools and manufacturers we as woodworkers would like to see are still absent, but as the word gets out, hopefully more of them will send in tools for reviews.

      Up until just recently a lot of their tools were more carpentry oriented vs woodworking, and they’re planning on hitting as many tool users as possible. From carpenters to woodworkers, hobbiest to pros.

      They mentioned they visited with a number of the big name tool producers in Vegas this year at AWFS, so now it’s time to see if all those contacts will start putting their tools out there for review. Definitely worth stopping in and visiting every now and then.

  2. Mark Loughran says:

    Hi Matt

    Great review Matt!! You were born for TV, you should really consider doing some videos, doing a podcast maybe… oh no wait maybe you already have… LOL

    Its a good site, seems very impartial. Nice to put it to the test on the rocking horse build!

    For some reason the video didn’t work on my computer, but I found it on You Tube:

    Are you doing any more reviews?

    Well done!!


    • Matt says:

      Thanks LOL!

      I happen to have another review coming out shortly I hope. Can’t say much more about it, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, but it is another Jet Tool.

      I hope to participate more in the future. Being able to try new tools first hand, in applications that benefit woodworkers, is something I think will help all of us down the road. Or at least that’s what I tell myself LOL.

  3. Eric R says:

    Great review Matt.
    Honest, to the point, and with a lot of good information that comes from a guy who knows what he’s doing. Not just some rep trying to blow smoke.
    If they are smart, they’d tap you to do regular segments on woodworking stuff.
    Nice job.

    • Matt says:

      I don’t know, if they’re smart they’d cut their loses and lose my number lol! BUT, there is still one more review coming up soon, unless they decide to scrap it for some reason.

      And I maybe doing a third very shortly. I’ll be sure to post them as they come up.

      Thanks for the kind words!

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