Dual Value Packs in October from Shop Woodworking

October 9, 20140 Comments

There’s so much awesomeness in October the folks over at Shop Woodworking couldn’t limit the number of Woodworking Value Packs to just one…so they didn’t!

For the entire month of October you can choose from two amazing Value Packs filled with tons of great information about either “Greene and Greene Woodworking.”

“Explore the intriguing world of Greene & Greene furniture, recognized as the finest expression of the American Arts & Crafts movement, with four resources any Greene & Greene enthusiast shouldn’t be without.

This exclusive collection includes a very popular book by Robert W. Lang with over 23 detailed drawings for the construction of authentic reproductions of the furniture designed by Charles & Henry Greene, plus chapters on the history of the Greene & Greene style. Combining that with 2 intriguing projects on DVD that you can create along-side Dale Barnard and Darrell Peart , and a DVD with William Ng taking you through the exquisite joinery details used in Greene & Greene furniture.

If you aren’t already, this collection will have you fascinated by Greene & Greene Furniture.”

Or the popular “Practical Woodworker Collection.”

The Practical Woodworker, edited by Bernard E. Jones, is a foundation set of books for the woodworker interested in early 20th-century woodworking techniques.

First printed around 1913, the books are intended:

“…(T)o instruct the reader as to make it possible for any person, even for one who has never seen a plane or driven a nail, to be able from this book alone to make any ordinary piece of woodwork by sound craftsman-like methods.”

And they deliver on that promise, with essays on all aspects of the craft written by a group of 31 experts in their respective fields, and copious illustrations to help make sense of the words.

Choose one, or choose both, either way you’ll be getting a ton of great information for a great price all while helping to support Matt’s Basement Workshop podcast.

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