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Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest at Woodworking in America 2014

October 7, 20140 Comments

I can’t say with any certainty that this story from Woodworking in America 2014 didn’t have some influence on my recent launch of a Patreon campaign to find Patrons for my own show. But for sure I eluded to it in the description of what the term “patron” meant when giving a definition. Not sure […]

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Desktop Album Rack coming out later this week

October 6, 20140 Comments

I know it’s been a long while since the last project video was posted, but I swear it’s on its way. In fact, it’s in the que right now waiting to go live, but not until Friday. This is a fun project that has so much potential to be used for more than displaying your […]

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Become a Patron of Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast

October 3, 20148 Comments

For a long time now I’ve been trying to find a way to take Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast to the next level. So what exactly is the “next level?” Well I have an idea, but it’s never been worth talking about because I never had the time to create a plan to get there. That […]

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Choosing The Perfect Table Saw – A Beginners Guide

October 2, 20140 Comments

Buying a table saw opens up a whole new level of woodworking. All previous ways you have cut materials will be dwarfed by the speed, accuracy, and let’s face it, extreme satisfaction that results from using a table saw. Before you take your credit card for a thrashing, here are three simple tips to ensure […]

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WIN a Limited Edition Infinity Chuck from NOVA

October 1, 20141 Comment

Now that I can start to call myself a woodturner I have a bit of an understanding of why this giveaway is a great one to point out. The folks over at NOVA Woodworking put together a Facebook contest for woodturners to compete to win a limited edition Infinity Chuck. It’s an one of a […]

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This Built America presents Collings Guitars

September 26, 20140 Comments

Earlier this month we were introduced to a great online documentary series called “This Built America.” During our first visit they took us North to Alaska to meet “The Great Alaskan Bowl Company.” This time around, This Built America takes us to Texas to visit Collings Guitars. Collings Guitars is a stand out because of […]

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The Highland Woodworker episode no. 14

September 25, 20140 Comments

Have you caught the latest episode of The Highland Woodworker yet? Charles Brock and the crew always manage to put together a great show packed with a lot of woodworking goodness. In episode 14 they visit with furniture maker and author, George Walker, who has unlocked a building and design code that dates back centuries […]

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Wood’s The Difference?

September 24, 20140 Comments

I’ve become a little obsessed with infographics lately. Maybe I’ll start an entire Tumblr about them? Here’s one that just dropped in my inbox the other day that was produced for Furniture UK. According to its creator, it’s a collection of facts and information about some of the heaviest, the most expensive, and the most […]

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The Galbert Drawsharp

September 22, 20142 Comments

Another one of the booths at Woodworking in America we stopped by and shot some footage at for the Highland Woodworking blog was Peter Galbert’s. If you’re not familiar with Peter, he’s an amazing chair maker and an equally amazing instructor according to what I’ve heard (I missed all of his classes this year because […]

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Plate 11 Bench Co. at Woodworking in America 2014

September 21, 20140 Comments

This year at Woodworking in America I had a chance to visit with Mark Hicks of Plate 11 Bench Co.. We talked before at a Lie-Nielsen Tool Event at Jeff Miller’s in Chicago so it was great to see him again. As part of my adventure with the folks at Highland Woodworking, we shot some […]

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