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548 Samantha’s Brunch Table “Woodworking with spouses”

June 18, 20154 Comments

It’s pretty much next to “NEVER” when Samantha wants to work on a woodworking project with me. So when she asks about us building a large table together I didn’t quite jump at the chance at first, I kind of carefully asked some probing questions before I agreed to anything. Don’t get me wrong, if […]

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“Handplanes Ultimate Collection” at Shop Woodworking

June 11, 20150 Comments

If there’s one thing I know about all of you, it’s that you love handplanes. Even if you’re just like me and only use them mostly for finesse work they’re still invaluable. That’s why the folks over at Shop Woodworking have put together this collection of DVDs, eBooks, video downloads and digital downloads dedicated entirely […]

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Nail Gun Depot Unleashes the “Bleed Orange Giveaway”

June 9, 20151 Comment

Who doesn’t love an opportunity to win tools? That’s why when this announcement dropped into my inbox I knew it was something that needed to be shared with everyone. Nail Gun Depot, an e-retailer of nail guns, staplers, screw systems and fasteners, is celebrating a milestone with the launch of its 15th Anniversary Giveaway. The […]

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547 Sharpening station upgrade “no more chasing the stones!”

June 5, 20152 Comments

I don’t which I’m more excited about, the new and improved work surface I’m using for my sharpening station or the little addition I just added the other day? Sharpening my hand planes and chisels has always been one of those things I begrudgingly did. It’s not that I didn’t get good results, it’s just […]

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“A Sight for Saw Eyes How to Safely and Effectively Use a Handsaw” by Derek Olson and

June 4, 20150 Comments

Still not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge with a handsaw yet? Or maybe you already use one and want to improve your results? The folks over at the Fix got together with Derek Olson (author, furniture maker and blogger at to produce this great infographic, along with an equally great article […]

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Platform Bed project plans now available

June 3, 20150 Comments

Once again, thanks to Brian Benham of Benham Design Concepts we now have a full set of detailed plans and drawings so you can build the stylish platform bed featured on the show in 2014. Click on the images below for a sneak preview of the plan. These plans are for building a platform bed, […]

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Next lesson on my woodworking path

June 1, 20152 Comments

Continuing along the path of retracing my woodworking past I want to share the next project I tackled shortly after I built my wife’s lingerie chest of drawers, which was one for my mother-in-law (although I prefer to just refer to it as her chest of drawers.) This one was a lot like the previous […]

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The Tall Dresser Bonus Content & Extra Episodes Vimeo On Demand

May 31, 20150 Comments

Now that the Tall Dresser build series is all wrapped up and we’re moving on to the next big project I had an opportunity to put together something I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a long time now. There was a lot of great content I shared with all of you when it came […]

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The “New” Woodworker’s Guide to Sketchup with Bob Lang Giveaway

May 30, 201530 Comments

It’s hard to believe it was almost 5 years ago when I first reviewed “The Woodworker’s Guide to Sketchup” by Bob Lang, fast forward to today and I just recently received the latest updated and revised version which I can’t wait to dive into. When the original version came out in 2010 Bob had been […]

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Handworks 2015 with Highland Woodworking

May 28, 20150 Comments

Handworks 2015 has come and gone and try as hard as I might, I just wasn’t able to make it out to Amana, Iowa to see it for myself. But thankfully I knew I could count on folks to share their experiences and live vicariously through them until I can make it there myself. Hands […]

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