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Wood Finishing Collection

October 14, 20150 Comments

I’ve been woodworking for years now and the one thing I dislike more than sanding, is finishing. In fact, it’s the one thing I don’t just despise, I absolutely loathe it! Probably the reason I feel this way is because it’s so easy to mess up and take a project you’ve poured your heart and […]

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Next chapter starts now…

October 12, 20159 Comments

I haven’t formally mentioned anything about this here on the website but I’ve been sharing plenty of it on social media. Starting back on Monday September 28, 2015 I started the next chapter of my adult life as I transitioned from my former day-job of 19 years to something almost entirely different, but not quite […]

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Paul’s Simple Lidded Box

October 11, 20150 Comments

Over the years I’ve loved hearing from fellow woodworkers who have watched one of my videos and were inspired to build something. Regardless of whether it’s an exact duplicate of what was featured in the video or something entirely different, I’m absolutely flattered to see what gets built. A little while back I received an […]

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Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2015 Build Along

September 24, 20150 Comments

It goes without saying, CANCER SUCKS! Sadly, just about all of us have been affected by it either directly or indirectly, and if you haven’t yet, statistically you probably will eventually. Over the last several decades great strides have been made to combat this killer, and as someone who’s adult career at their day-job knows […]

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Goodbye “Audio-only” Feed

September 21, 20151 Comment

When I started Matt’s Basement Workshop in January 2006 audio-only podcasts were the norm, and for certain there weren’t any podcasts dedicated to woodworking (trust me, I searched high and low.) Eventually it was obvious there were a few short-comings to an audio-only woodworking podcast, so I dabbled a little in producing videos and the […]

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Two videos featuring Toshio Odate

September 19, 20150 Comments

Very early in the beginning of my woodworking experience I remember seeing Japanese woodworking tools and being in awe of their delicate appearing details and wondering what exactly made them so different from Western tools? The obvious characteristics stood out, especially when it came to saws, the pull stroke felt more natural and yielded what […]

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551 Simple Cabinet Construction Pt 2 – “Face Frames, Doors & More”

September 10, 20152 Comments

In the previous episode of this two part series “550 Simple Cabinet Construction Pt 1” we started the construction on a pair of overhead cabinets for a laundry room. The cabinets are about as simple in design and construction as possible. A box with a face frame and a pair of full-overlay doors to enclose […]

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One Rabbeting Bit to rule them all?

September 8, 20152 Comments

When it comes to plowing out material for a rabbet joint I almost always do the job on my table saw using a stacked dado head cutter. Why? Not sure really, force of habit I’m guessing? Actually, it’s probably more to do with a greater sense of safety I have at the table saw than […]

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September 2, 20150 Comments

Another one of the most frequent questions I’ve received over the years, and one I see all of over social media is “Where can I get plans to build ___?” As someone who’s drawn, and built from his own plans I don’t find myself asking this question all that often, but I understand why others […]

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Griffon Ramsey – chainsaw carver extraordinaire

August 30, 20153 Comments

Even though my day job is based in science, I’m still in love with art in it’s various forms and dream of a day when I can dive headlong into pursuing it in one form or another. An obvious medium I’m drawn to is furniture, wooden furniture to be more specific. I have dabbled with […]

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