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“Ham Hands” revisits the scene of the crime part 2

March 27, 20140 Comments

If you’re like I was when the hand tool bug bit, you looked at the premium hand planes and thought “…there’s no way I’m spending that much money for those!” My…how times have changed! And just like me you probably decided to do a little research on “vintage” planes, because you heard they’re a lot […]

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Dear Universe…UNCLE!!!

March 25, 201417 Comments

Some days are better than others, unfortunately none of the past few have been one of them. Truth be told, I’ve had a few moments where I’m wondering what I’m even doing in the shop? Without a doubt we all have these days, some are just so much worse than others. If we’re lucky, the […]

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“Ham Hands” revisits the scene of the crime part 1

March 19, 20140 Comments

A lot of time has passed since I originally posted a couple of videos on the topic of lapping your hand planes, and while it’s not unusual to revisit a given topic every now and then this is one that I’ve gone out of my way to avoid. So why finally revisit after all this […]

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521 Thickness planer “Death Match”

March 15, 201419 Comments

Now that I lured you in with that “misleading” title here’s what today’s episode is really all about, a side-by-side comparison of my old Rigid 13” thickness planer and the new-to-me Steel City Tool Works 13” thickness planer with helical-style cutter head. Actually that description is also a little misleading considering the only thing being […]

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Table Saw Techniques with Gregory Paolini & SawStop

March 14, 20142 Comments

“Cut a board for a man & help him with a project. Teach a man to cut a board on his own table saw and he can do it himself…so you can work on your own dang stuff!” If you don’t feel like teaching that man yourself have them checkout some of these videos Gregory […]

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March 12, 20142 Comments

This project reminds me a lot of an amazingly beautiful art piece I saw at the 2013 Art Prize in Grand Rapids Michigan titled “Grand” by Sophia Collier. Of course, that piece wasn’t meant to be touched like this one. In fact there were a few times I think the security guards spent most of […]

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Alex’s shop made air cleaner

March 10, 20147 Comments

Alex Knappenberger of the “KillerSoundz” YouTube channel built an air cleaner for his woodshop. The most expensive thing in the project was the 8″ 800cfm blower. Over the years people have asked for alternatives to an expensive pre-manufactured air cleaner, and typically I recommend something as simple as a box fan with a furnace filter […]

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M&M Tool Parts shows us how to unstick a stuck screw

March 7, 20142 Comments

Sure the Polar Vortex has piled up a few feet of snow, but it’s time to start prepping for some Spring renovation projects. I’m sure at some point I’m going to be facing a stuck screw during one or two of those “to-do” list items I’ll be tackling as the weather warms up and the […]

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The Highland Woodworker Episode 11 is waiting for you

March 5, 20140 Comments

As I’m writing this post the snow is still on the ground in my part of Michigan, about 3+ feet on the ground from the looks of it. So it’s a perfect excuse to grab a hot cup of coffee (or cider), kick up my feet and watch the latest episode of “The Highland Woodworker”! […]

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520 Veneered smart phone case

March 1, 20143 Comments

Looking for a fun project in the shop that doesn’t take long and you can carry it around in your pocket where ever you go? Here’s one for you, a custom veneered smart phone case. One of the benefits of being a woodworker is that we can frequently customize everyday items. Whether it’s building them […]

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