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“9 Key Tools for Better Furniture Design” – November Value Packs at Shop Woodworking

November 13, 20140 Comments

Who couldn’t use a little help with creating better furniture designs? I know I struggle with it all the time, which probably explains why all of my pieces look like someone else’s! For the month of November the folks over at Shop Woodworking have compiled a resource rich bundle full of great articles in the […]

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Shannon wants your “Lumber stories”

November 12, 20140 Comments

Last week my Wood Talk co-host, and good friend, Shannon Rogers posted on Facebook that he was seeking a little help from the masses to compile information on visiting lumberyards. In a nutshell he’s looking for tales of the good, the bad, and the WTF?! Shannon’s Facebook request: “Need some lumber stories. Bare your shame, […]

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Happy Veterans’ Day 2014 – Thank you for your service!

November 11, 20140 Comments

Happy Veterans Day to all of our military friends and family,thank you for your service!

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Movember donations – Giving it all away!

November 10, 20140 Comments

In honor of the “Movember” (or if you prefer “No shave November”) festivities I thought I’d do my part to help out such a great cause by challenging all of you to a little fundraiser! Starting today and running through November 23, I’ll donate 100% of my earnings on any purchases made through my affiliate […]

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533 Hickory Beard Comb

November 7, 20144 Comments

In today’s episode we’re making a fun little project from more scrap wood lying around my shop, specifically we’re building a beard comb. Why a beard comb? Given it’s the beginning of November, that means it’s also the beginning of “Movember.” So I thought it would be a fun little project for some of my […]

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2014 Woodworker’s wish list

November 5, 20142 Comments

It’s that time of year when woodworkers start dreaming of what they’ll find under the Christmas Tree. Dreams of blades & bits, and finishing kits are filling our minds as I write this (don’t deny it…you know I’m right!) Last year we released a wildly popular downloadable “Gift Guide” filled with suggestions and links to […]

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The key to better cuts?

November 3, 20140 Comments

Over the years I’ve had my fair share of miscuts, frequently they’ve been off by just a hair, but it’s not unusual to have had a few that made me want to throw the board across the room and flip the saw in some sort of Hulk-like rage. Inevitably the mistake was a result of […]

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Garage or basement, where’s your shop?

October 31, 201446 Comments

Congratulations to our t-shirt winners Aaron and Chris! Thank you for your comments and regardless of where your shop is, when you wear the t-shirt you’ll always look awesome! Over the years a common question I get is in regards to shop location, specifically, garage versus basement. I know a lot of you have some […]

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Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Tool Auctions

October 29, 20140 Comments

It’s no coincidence I’m posting this just before Halloween, Cancer is a monster and a horrifying disease. Thankfully there are some amazing strides being made every year in the battle against it. But it takes money to do the research, and that’s where we can all help out. If you’re not able to participate in […]

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Who are you? The MBW 2014 Audience Survey

October 28, 20147 Comments

I was just talking about how amazing all of you are with someone they other day and I suddenly realized I haven’t done an audience survey in easily two or three years. That really worried me! As close as I consider all of us to be, I feel horrible that I don’t know some of […]

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