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Welcome to the Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast Patreon information page. Not familiar with Patreon? That’s okay, that’s why I created this page.


What is Patreon?


Why did you choose to partner with Patreon?

There are a number of great reasons, but they all come down to one. The biggest hurdle of producing a succesful podcast is finding the funding to keep it alive.

While the overhead to produce a single episode is relatively low (considering it’s just me and a camera,) it’s all the behind the scenes stuff that adds up quickly.

Things like; maintaining & replacing studio equipment such as cameras, and computers. Then there’s editing and publishing software & services, hosting services, domain registries, the occasional hiring of website developers to help with projects. And other things such as travel so we can get out of the basement workshop to find great content elsewhere.

And because Matt’s Basement Workshop has always been a side-project to my regular life, I’ve had to carefully choose how I wanted to spend my free-time working on it.

It was either spent away from the shop, working on the business-side of the podcast, doing tasks such as contacting potential advertisers & sponsors hoping they’d be interested in supporting the show. Or instead, I could concentrate on producing content and hoping the funding would just appear.

As far as I’m concerned the choice was simple, I chose to produce content!

By partnering with Patreon it means I can start getting serious about some of my longterm goals (see below) because I’m worrying less about where the support is coming from.

Ideally, I’d love to remove all of the paid advertising from the website & new content, and with you becoming a Patron of Matt’s Basement Workshop my longterm goals are absolutely possible.


Why should I become a Patron of Matt’s Basement Workshop?

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Click here to visit the MBW Patreon Page.

Maybe the better question to start with is “what is a Patron?”

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a Patron is “a person who gives money and support to an artist, organization, etc. : a person who buys the goods or uses the services of a business, library, etc.”

Without Patrons there’s a good chance some of the world’s greatest artists, musicians, playwrights, and even furniture makers would never have created the pieces that inspire and enlighten us today.

Just ask modern tool-makers like Scott Meek of Scott Meek Planes, or Mark Harrell of Bad Axe Tool Works what their beloved patrons did for them and the many other tool makers who needed a helping hand to get started.

If you choose to become a Patron of Matt’s Basement Workshop I have three reward levels as my way of saying “thank you!”

    • $1/month – “Patron” – A huge “Thank You” from me for helping to support the show! You’re donation will be added to the sum of all the Patrons of MBW to get us even closer to the various milestones we’ve established.

      To further demonstrate my thanks, your name will be proudly displayed on the Patreon supporter web page here at Matt’s Basement Workshop.

    • $2/month – “Spoiler” – Similar to the “Patron” level, but along with your name proudly displayed on the Patreon supporter web page you’ll also get access to new content a minimum of one day before the rest of the world gets to view it. Allowing you plenty of time to post inside jokes and share the occasional pearls of wisdom you gleaned from the content.
    • In other words, you can be a Matt’s Basement Workshop “Spoiler” for the rest of the audience by spoiling the surprise of what is so awesome in each post.
    • $5/month – “Chortle” – Same as the “Spoiler” level but with an option for a clickable link to your own website on the Patreon supporter web page. PLUS access to bonus content from each new episode; easily an extra 5-10 minutes of footage exclusive to this level of patronage and above.
    • $10/month – “Woobie” – All of the benefits listed above plus a guaranteed minimum of one exclusive bonus video each month! Videos answering listeners’ questions, expanding on content from previous video(s), and possibly even an exclusive build just for “Woobie” patrons.



As the support of Patrons of Matt’s Basement Workshop continues to grow I have some milestones to help us gauge the success of the partnership. These aren’t exclusive to patrons either, but they are a direct reflection of what your generosity as a Patron has been able to do to benefit the community at large.

The Milestones are based on the total amount of money donated each month, from all the Patrons combined. In most situations, I plan to roll them out the following month as we reach them:

    • $500.00/month – return of the Spoken Wood Podcast – it’s obvious by the regular number of requests I get to bring this show back, that you absolutely love it. At this level of regular monthly patronage I’ll not only be able to spend more time working on content, and recording episodes, but I’ll also be able to pay bloggers for the use of their content ($25/post).


    • $1000.00/month – once a month we’ll do a live-stream video chat together. An opportunity to talk about the videos, answer questions, and just hangout together for an hour or two.


    • $2000.00/month – at this level of monthly support I’ll remove all of the advertising from the website, because you’ll have become my sole sponsors!


    • $3000.00/month – we’ll be getting together weekly to do some live-stream video chats.

There’s always a chance I’ll add more milestones, but I think this is a great start!


Sign up Here

Hopefully I’ve given you enough information about what my current goals & milestones are, along with what you get in return for becoming a Patron of Matt’s Basement Workshop.

The rest is up to you. If you’re ready to sign up today, please visit my Patreon page where you can find all the links to start supporting the show right away. Start by clicking on the image below.

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