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February 2, 20150 Comments

I really want to tease this out a little bit more, maybe even build up some drama, but there’s no way other than just coming right out and saying it.

I’m making some changes to the Patrons of Matt’s Basement Workshop Campaign and I think you’ll like them!

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If you were already a Patron of Matt’s Basement Workshop you probably saw this announcement over the weekend, if not, let me first say that this isn’t my announcement that I’m pulling the plug.

Instead, I’m announcing a significant change to the sponsorship levels, most specifically to the “Woobie-level” of patronage.

Starting right away I’m making the following effective immediately:

  • NEW “Patron” level for $1/mo – At this level you’ll get a huge “Thank You” from me for helping to support the show!

    You’re donation gets added to the combined sum of all the Patrons of MBW, which means we’ll get even closer to all those milestones we’ve established (which starts first with the return of the Spoken Wood Podcast as soon as the monthly support from all the Patrons combined hits $500/mo.)

    As part of my thank you, your name gets proudly displayed on the Patrons of Matt’s Basement Workshop web page here at the website.

  • The price of “Woobie” Patronage drops from $15/mo to $10/mo – At this level of support, you not only get your name on the Patrons of Matt’s Basement Workshop web page (including a link to your website if you have one) but you get the following also:

      1. Full-length sneak previews of the latest episodes at least 1 day before non-Patrons.
      2. Guaranteed bonus content from every episode.
      3. An extra bonus episode made just for Woobie level Patrons.

There are two other levels of Patronage but the only change to both of them is that I’m no longer including a monthly schwag giveaway for Patrons (actually that’s at all levels, not just these two.)

Sorry, I know you’ll be a little disappointed, but I hope you understand (I promise I’ll make up for it with even better content!)

  • “Spoiler” Patrons $2/mo – Similar to the “Patron” level, plus access to new content a minimum of one day before the rest of the world gets to view it. Allowing you plenty of time to post inside jokes and share the occasional pearls of wisdom you gleaned from the content. In other words, you can be a Matt’s Basement Workshop “Spoiler” for the rest of the audience by spoiling the surprise of what is so awesome in each post.
  • “Chortle” Patrons $5/mo – Same as the “Spoiler” level but with an option for a clickable link to your website (if you have one) on my Patrons of Matt’s Basement Workshop web page. Plus you have access to special bonus content from each new episode; easily an extra 5-10 minutes of bonus footage exclusive to this level of patronage and above.

Find out more about the various patronage levels, including how to sign up right away before you miss the next episode (and depending on which level you choose the possible bonus content) by visiting the Matt’s Basement Workshop Patreon page by clicking here.

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