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May 20, 20153 Comments

Now that I’ve been spending a little more time with the lathe and I’m starting to become more familiar with it I get all excited when I have an opportunity to watch someone who really knows their way around one.

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A great resource for my woodturning lessons lately has been Tim Yoder host of the PBS show “Woodturning Workshop.” In fact, I’ve purchased a couple of seasons of the show over at Shop Woodworking for my own library.

Of course there are alternatives to purchasing Tim’s videos and one of them I think you’ll really enjoy taking advantage of is visiting the Popular Woodturning website from Popular Woodworking.

According to the website “Season 2 of Woodturning with Tim Yoder is now premiering with Episode 25! Tim is back in the shop with a simple yet creative project – a box made of two different types of wood. Watch Tim turn this decorative box and learn techniques to make your own designs.”

Each episode is free on the Popular Woodworking community site for a period of 8 weeks, so be sure to bookmark the page. Then after 8 weeks, they’ll make the episodes available in the ShopClass streaming video site.

A great way to stay up-to-date with new content on the Popular Woodturning website is to sign up for email notifications. Get e-mailed when each new Woodworking with Tim Yoder episode is released. PLUS get an additional free video – “Understanding Turning Tools with Steve Shanesy.” This 16-minute video walks you through woodturning tool basics.

To signup, visit Popular Woodturning by clicking here.

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  1. jHop says:

    I love that he still makes mistakes, and points out what happened without breaking stride. And that he has that quirky sense of humor that makes you question periodically…

    • Matt says:

      I agree on both points also. It’s important to see the reality of the mistakes and to keep the audience guessing LOL!

  2. I don’t often see people from the trade with that level of sense of humor Tim Yoder has. This just made my day!

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