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May 10, 2013

I’m only a few days away from heading to Des Moines for the first ever “Weekend With WOOD“. I love the idea that a magazine I’m already a fan of is opening their doors and welcoming attendees to a jam-packed event where you’ll learn so much from some amazing instructors.

Weekend with Wood
I’ll definitely be sharing as much of my experience as possible with everyone. For sure there will be full-length posts when I get back, but there will also most likely be plenty of Tweets, Facebook & Google+ posts all weekend long live from the event.

One event that may not sound like the type of thing you can’t wait to sign up for is the WOOD editors panel discussion on Saturday afternoon. This is an opportunity to ask the editors whatever is on your mind about the magazine.

I imagine there will be plenty of questions about what it takes to put the magazine together each month, but I’m curious to see what you might ask if you had an opportunity. IN FACT…I could be that opportunity FOR YOU?! Do you have a question you’d like to ask the editors of WOOD Magazine? Send it my way and I’ll share it with them and then report back what I find out.

Either leave a comment on today’s post or EMAIL ME.

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  1. Leroy Palmer says:

    I recently purchased a 4 pc LCGRIND4 sharpening jig for lathe tools maade by PennState IND. What are your thoughts of securing the fingernail jig to the base? I never used a jig for sharpening but thought it would give me a better edge. After getting this jig I got another idea to kick around. What would you think of using a hex shafted caulking gun mounted to a pc of metal and that mounted to grinder base for a jig. The caulking holder could have a pc added to raise the lathe tools up to correct angle. bottom could be drilled and tapped to hold a thumb screw to keep desired distance from grinder. Seems to me something like this could work and be cheaper than what I paid.

    • Matt says:

      Sounds to me like you really enjoy making your own jigs and saving some money LOL!

      I’m not familiar with the system you’re referring too, but I’m not opposed to anything that saves me time and yields the results I’m looking for.

      I’m afraid I can’t offer an opinion at this time. Wish I could be of more help, best of luck.

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