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January 26, 20151 Comment

If it wasn’t for the fact that I hate applying a finish MORE than I hate sanding, sanding would be hands down the one step in the building process that I’d loathe the most. The more I think about it, maybe the reason I despise finishing more is BECAUSE there’s sanding involved between coats?

Image courtesy M&M Tool Parts blog

Image courtesy M&M Tool Parts blog

But regardless of my dislike for sanding it’s a necessary evil for amazing results. Especially after the finish dries and you step back to look at the masterpiece you’ve created.

Of course the fastest way to avoid sanding is to master hand planing, but even then, sometimes there’s a little touch up work to do with some fine grit sandpaper to blend everything together for that flawless surface.

Shop Talk Blog at mmtoolparts.com

Shop Talk Blog at mmtoolparts.com

If you’ve been wondering what you’re doing wrong with your random orbit sanding technique, or you just want to reassure yourself you’re on the right track, back in July Mallory Kramer wrote a 5 point article for the folks over at M&M Tool Parts’ blog titled “Wood Sanding: 5 Ways to Get Better Results with Your Random Orbit Sander”.

It’s well worth a read to pick up some great pointers. For example: Tip No. 2 “Turn-on the Sander While On the Material, Turn-off the Sander While Off the Material”

Thanks Mallory and M&M for providing a little reminder that the best results are worth spending a little extra time working on, and if the only thing between you and them is a step you hate, all the more reason to get right in the first place.

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  1. James says:

    I guess everybody is looking for a short cut but unfortunately, sanding isn’t included. It is actually really easy to get it wrong or to think it is not important that’s why it is nice to read on some sanding guides to appreciate this process better.

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