Return of “The Daily Matt?”

July 15, 20150 Comments

The daily matt

Don’t let the title get your hopes up, cause it’s not actually coming back.

But while I’m stepping out of the shop and enjoying the warm days of summer making plans for upcoming projects, grilling, and watching my son mow the grass, I thought you might like to revisit all 86 episodes of “The Daily Matt.”

Never even heard of “The Daily Matt?” Well if that’s the case let me quickly bring you up to speed.

The Daily Matt was a short-lived show I started producing six years ago this month.

At the time there was a lot of talk in the online woodworking community about how awesome it would be to have a daily show devoted to woodworking, and I couldn’t let everyone down could I?

NO I COULDN’T! So I accepted the challenge and drove that idea as far as I could take it, which apparently ended up going as far as 86 episodes before I ran out of gas.

So while I’m out enjoying the summer weather and unintentionally ignoring my shop for long periods of time, enjoy these episodes. Hopefully I don’t contradict myself too much!

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