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May 18, 2011

Title: 12 Great Tablesaw Jigs with Jim Heavey
Run Time: 44 minutes
Production Date: 2009
Produced By: Wood Magazine
Price: $19.99 BUY NOW
Marc’s Score: 3 Grape Sodas out of 5
Matt’s Score: 3 Grape Sodas out of 5

From the Back of the Case:

“Simple jigs increase the accuracy and versatility of your most useful shop tool. In this DVD, WOOD® magazine’s Jim Heavey demonstrates a dozen jigs that help you work faster and safer, whether you own a portable, contractor, or cabinet-style saw. You’ll even find jig plans you can print from your computer and take into your shop. Separated into “must have” and “nice to have,” you’ll find jigs of all types along with the tips and techniques used by successful woodworkers.”

Our Thoughts:

The Good: We enjoyed the quick pace and Jim’s clean/confident delivery. Jim is a veteran speaker and has been educating crowds of woodworkers for years and it shows. He delivers information with the confidence that only experience can provide. The DVD menu is clearly laid out with nothing real fancy going on. Before jumping into the jigs, there is a short introductory segment discussing the various materials typically used for shop jigs, which is an excellent addition for the new woodworker.

The Bad: What we found a little disappointing was the fact that the DVD is really the “accessory” here. The real meat of this package is the set of digital plans contained on the disc. The video will not teach you how to make the jigs although a more experienced woodworker could easily reproduce them without the plans. Each jig is described fairly quickly and in reasonable detail but only about half of them are seen in action. So perhaps we went in with the wrong expectation, but it really seems like this should be marketed as a set of plans with a bonus DVD instead of a DVD with a bonus set of plans.

The only other thing, which was more of a problem for Marc than Matt, was the pillar boxes. These are the black boxes that appear on the sides of widescreen TV’s when the original footage was shot with a 4:3 aspect ratio. But to their credit, at least the video isn’t stretched.


As long as your expectations are set appropriately, we think most folks will enjoy this DVD. The jigs are well-constructed and the digital plans certainly give you enough information to build them. The one thing missing here is the real-world detail and nuance that sometimes comes along for the ride when building jigs. As we know, runners like to move when you screw them down and fences are rarely square on the first shot. These details would have been nice to see in the video. But if you are looking to bolster your collection of useful tablesaw jigs, this DVD will get you going in the right direction.

The Breakdown:

Entertainment Value: Marc 3/5 | Matt 4/5
Production Quality: Marc 3/5 | Matt 3/5
Information Quality: Marc 3/5 | Matt 2.5/5
Overall Value: Marc 3/5 | Matt 3/5
Keeps Its Promise: Marc 2/5 | Matt 2.5/5
Final Score: Marc 2.8/5 | Matt 2.9/5

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