Review Show No. 16 “17th Century New England Carving with Peter Follansbee”

June 19, 2013
Title: 17th Century New England Carving with Peter Follansbee
Run Time: 88 Minutes
Production Date: 2010
Produced By: Lie Nielsen
Price: $25 DVD

From the Back of the Case

This style of carved decoration takes its inspiration from furniture and woodwork from both England and New England, spanning most of the seventeenth century. Geometric, floral and architectural elements combine to make up the designs. First-hand examinations of oak furniture in both public and private collections provide the material upon which my work is based, which I do in the traditional manner from riving oak logs and working the green wood with hand tools.

Our Thoughts

Peter Follansbee’s background in 17th-century joinery has made him an outstanding teacher and an expert in the field. Peter is able to translate these sometimes forgotten techniques to the modern woodworker who’s looking to turn to traditional woodworking techniques as an alternative of or in addition to their existing skills in modern woodworking.

He makes incredibly intricate designs with only a few basic carving and hand tools and shows us every step of the process. If you’re looking to add decorative carvings to your projects, whether they’re highly embellished or just a simple adornment, this DVD is one you must add to your collection.

Sample Preview

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