Review Show No. 8 – Puzzle Box Magic with Jeff Vollmer

July 29, 2012

Title: Puzzle Box Magic by Jeff Vollmer
Run Time: 2 hours 33 minutes
Production Date: 2010
Produced By: Popular Woodworking
Price: $12.99 US Buy Now
Puzzle Box Magic

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From the Back of the Case:

Jeff Vollmer, the “King of Puzzle Boxes,” unlocks the secrets of making these fun and fanciful band-sawn projects, with more than two hours of step-by-step video instruction!

Our Thoughts:

Jeff Vollmer is a puzzle box maker who has taken the craft from a fun past time to an art form. Watching him in action on the bandsaw and even a sander is like watching a gifted athlete perform on the field.

In the end, what started out as a block of wood with maybe some interesting grains or defects becomes a piece of art that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

Whether it’s a simple version of the puzzle box with only a couple of moving parts and maybe a small embellishment inside, or a massive undertaking with multiple parts and spring loaded drawers that can only be released once you’ve triggered it’s lock buried deep inside the box masked under layers of puzzle pieces…you’ll be amazed by their beauty and ready to try it yourself in your own shop if you dare.

The only thing I’m not fond of in this video is the pace at which Jeff will fly off at when actually making his cuts, especially in the most complicated pieces. It can become confusing and frustrating to watch, but perhaps after watching a couple more times and then venturing into my own shop to experiment with a box or two, I might be up to Jeff’s speed in no time.

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