239 Router Bit of the Month – Solid Brass Inlay Kit

January 31, 2008

It’s the beginning of a new month and they can only mean one thing on Feature Friday – it’s time for Router Bit of the Month!!

Remember, every month Woodcraft picks one of the many great profiles that Whiteside manufactures and that put it on sale for a great discounted price to make it easier for us to pick up either at your local Woodcraft store or online.

This month we received Whiteside’s Solid Brass Inlay Kit to try out in the basement workshop. This kit includes everything you need to successfully route out shapes using templates and then by removing an attached bushing you can then use the same setup to route out the inlay that will fit in the hole you just cut.

It literally took me minutes to set mine up and in under half an hour I had routed both the inlay and it’s recess. And more importantly it fit on the first try!!

Whiteside includes the brass bushing, the centering rod and the 1/8″ downcut spiral bit along with detailed instructions to help you get the same results right from the start.

To purchase your own, click on the following link to visit Woodcraft.com

Download SD Video File

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