187 Router Bit of the Month – Tongue and Groove

September 20, 20071 Comment

We’re back again this month with the latest installment of Router bit of the month from Woodcraft and Whiteside Manufacturing. For the month of September the featured router bit is a tongue and groove bit. This single bit features two cutters sandwiching a bearing that allows you to quickly and easily feed stock through and cut the tongue in a single pass and then with very little effort you can lower the bit to cut the corresponding groove also in a single pass.

The Tongue and Groove bit is a carbide tipped, 1/2″ shank bit that comes in at 1-5/8″ wide, so this should only be used in a router table NEVER FREEHAND!! The tongue that it cuts in a single pass is 3/8″ deep and 1/4″ thick, and it leaves a nice clean shoulder so there’s little to no touchup you need to do when it comes to assemble the corresponding pieces. For more about tongue and groove joinery check out my video on it from back in September of 2006.

Congratulations to our two winners this week…yes I said two!! Linda Welsh is our winner of the Tongue and Groove bit and Bud Millis won a set of Brass Height Gauges, both schwag items thanks to Whiteside and Woodcraft!

If you didn’t win, but you’re interested in taking advantage of the great discounted price for the month of September click here Woodcraft.com .

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