Safety Day 2013 Sneak Peek

April 27, 2013

I promised back in October of 2012 that I’d do a full review of my experience with the SawStop table saw I received as payment for an advertising deal.

This weekend I’m wrapping up the final shots and putting it all together for Safety Day 2013 on May 1st.

I invited the family down into the shop to experience what it’s like when the braking system is engaged. They filmed me filming it for the upcoming episode. I don’t know what’s funnier, my reaction or theirs?

For more on the SawStop in my shop, checkout the first two videos I posted about it from October 2012:
“Hello New Saw” & “SawStop Bypass System”

Planning to get a new SawStop? Checkout the models available at Highland Woodworking.

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  1. Sean Rubino says:

    Dude, what kind of dog did you use? That thing was huge.

    • John Verreault (aka JohnnyVee) says:

      Dude, this is the Vanderlist household! Nothing gets done in a small way. Go big or forget about it. Besides, Matt spends his working days, eyeballs glued to a microscope, staring at little tiny things. Why should he do that at hone? LOL or, if I may be so bold, CHORTLE!!

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