Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 1

November 16, 2012

On a recent episode of Wood Talk someone asked about what we listen to in the shop and if we had recommendations for some good music. I have to confess I mostly listen to podcasts, but when I need music I can always count on my beautiful wife Sam to drop in something that quickly becomes infectious.

So rather than keep all the great music to myself, I asked her to start writing a regular post here on the website to share the music with those who really want something good to listen to in the shop. Enjoy!

Hi my name is Sam, I’m MBW’s wife.

One of my secret passions is music and I’ve left my family many a time to spend it with a bunch of drunken people in a room just to see a concert. It was a long running joke that I do photography just to support my concert addiction!

Matt recently asked that I start writing music reviews given that MY playlist often becomes HIS when he’s playing around in the shop.

NOW I have no clue how big your shop is for things like dance parties, or even if you have the ability to dance while using a table saw. But the music I like requires (in some form or another) a little head bobbing, or thumb tapping, maybe even a little boot stomping too!

I do have a set of genres of music that I gravitate toward…basically everything from Folk to Pop. I don’t really listen to country or rap, but I WON’T RULE IT OUT!

My iTunes library at the moment has about 5.7 days worth of music when set on continuous play and I don’t even have everything in there yet. In fact, I had to take some out because my iPhone couldn’t hold it all.

But enough about me, let’s get on with my 1st review:

This artist is someone I just discovered last week. I had a friend who had an extra ticket to see Sean Hayes at a very small venue nearby. I was like free and local? DONE!

I bought Sean’s album on the way there and was able to listen to two songs in the car and I was instantly hooked!

Sean’s voice is light and heavy at the same time. His sound can be sexy and sultry one minute, then suddenly you’ll find yourself wanting to shout out “Right On” only moments later. If you like Jack Johnson, then you’ll dig Mr. Sean Hayes.

On a side note: He’s the tiniest man I’ve ever seen, but his ability to fill a whole room with soul is pretty amazing to see.

I’d recommend you start out with Sean Hayes‘ album “Run Wolves Run”. Please be prepared to sing with your eyes closed and bounce your shoulders from side to side while listening to it. It’s worth every damn song!

Warning though: Sam & MBW are not responsible if you have bad taste in music, so complaints are NOT welcomed. This is purely my opinion and the music that moves me. Enjoy!

Available for download:
iTunes US – Run Wolves Run – Sean Hayes
iTunes Canada – Run Wolves Run – Sean Hayes – Run Wolves Run

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  1. Sam,

    Thanks for sharing Sean Hayes with us. I checked his album out and ended up buying it. I really like the track “Miss Her When I’m Gone”.


    • Sam says:


      YAY! I’m so glad you like it. You must have bought his newest album. I don’t have that one, Thanks now I have to go buy another one. tee hee

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