Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 2

November 26, 2012

I was at my local coffee shop waiting for my mocha (skim milk no whip cream, which I saw she did put whip cream on it and then quickly spooned it out hoping I didn’t see) when I heard a song that I knew and just couldn’t place it. It was driving me crazy!

So I pulled out my iPhone and used an app called Shazam – Shazam Entertainment Ltd. that will identify a song’s title and artist just by listening to the song. When it came back with Carnavas – Silversun Pickups and the song Little Lover’s So Polite I thought BAM that’s the next artist for the MBW shop song list!

Silversun Pickups are part of the Indie Rock genre, which is basically the new name for what we use to call “alternative rock”. They have a sort of Smashing Pumpkins sound, heavy on the guitar and scratchy voices.

I recommend you start out with the “Little Lover’s So Polite” song from the Carnavas album.

Not all of their songs are winners, so if you start off on a bad one, you may just stop listening all together, which would mean you miss out on a hidden little gem to listen to in the shop, or the car or maybe even a coffee shop.

Enjoy! Sam

Available at iTunes USA – Carnavas – Silversun Pickups
Available at iTunes Canada – Carnavas – Silversun Pickups
Available at – Carnavas

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  1. Jesse says:

    EXCELLENT choice! Their three albums are often on shuffle in my shop. Substitution is one of my favorite tracks.

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