Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 4

December 21, 2012

This week Sam’s music recommendation for the woodshop is Miike Snow, and no she didn’t misspell his name either!

This week’s music recommendation is Miike Snow, and you might want to save him for the really boring and tedious jobs in the shop, because once you start listening you’ll want to get your dancing shoes on. I feel like if I were to meet Miike Snow in person he would charm the pants right off me!

Miike Snow smooth way with words and how he laces them together into lyrics has me bobbing my head like “right on man, I get it!” but it doesn’t stop there. Underneath those lyrics, Miike has them paired with the best beats made for dancing. If you’re not a dancer already, you can’t help but move in some way.

His debut album, self titled Miike Snow would be a good one to start with. Just keep in mind, if your not big on the sound of a synthesizer this may not be the artist for you. I was hooked on this album for a good 6 months before I could even think of moving on to a new artist, LOL (like I said last time I get hooked, in fact I’m still hooked on Sean Hayes right now)!

“Miike Snow” Available for download at:
iTunes US – Miike Snow (Deluxe Edition) – Miike Snow
iTunes Canada – Miike Snow (Deluxe Version) – Miike Snow – Miike Snow

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