SawStop Bypass System Second Look

October 13, 2012

Today’s post is a short and sweet look at the Bypass system on the SawStop. After introducing the new saw just a couple of weeks ago, I heard from a few listeners that they were interested in hearing more about the bypass system that allows the user to “bypass the braking mechanism”.

Key inserted to activate SawStop Braking Bypass system

The SawStop Bypass System isn’t an ALL THE TIME option for users. It’s a very deliberate action the user has to undertake to engage, and then once the motor is shut off after the cut, the saw returns to it’s normal operating status. Then to re-engage it, the procedure has to be repeated.

The beauty of the Bypass System is that it can allow the user to test materials that they may be concerned will engage the braking mechanism or that they KNOW will engage it (such as aluminum or other conductive materials).

For owners of any SawStop saw this information is all laid out and explained in great detail in the manual. They’ll also find the procedures for conducting their own “Materials Conductivity Test that can save you time and money discovering what works and what doesn’t vs learning it the hard way.

It only takes a few seconds to engage, but what it can save you in time, materials and money is huge!

Next week, we’re starting the construction of a Shoe Organizer for the Vanderlist Household, apparently we’re the Imelda Marcos of the neighborhood and have to many shoes and no where to put them!

Next week’s project

The video will include plenty of cuts to try out the new saw, including a dado cut or two.

Items mentioned in today’s episode:
SawStop 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw

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  1. Jim Z says:

    I look forward to your review on this saw. Everyting ive seen and heard is positive so far. Big fan of the show and keep up the entertaining work!

  2. tom says:

    looking forward to the next weeks project, i have done stuff like this and it can be challenging, not just cutting but the assembly as well

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