SawStop Brake Cartridge Swap

March 11, 20153 Comments

When it comes to the topic of my SawStop there are three very frequent questions I get. One is regarding whether I still like it. My answer is a resounding “YES, I absolutely love it!”

Dado brake cartridge waiting to be removed

Dado brake cartridge waiting to be removed

The next one is “can you use the same brake cartridge for both standard blades and dado blades?” This answer is also easy, but probably not what the writer was hoping to hear, “no, you need both a standard blade brake cartridge and a dado brake cartridge which is sold separately.”

The third most frequent question I get asked about my SawStop is “so just how long does it take to swap out a brake cartridge?”

This question isn’t all that hard to answer. Assuming you’re just switching from a standard blade to a dado blade or vice versa, the process is quick and easy. So easy and so quick, I decided to make a video demonstrating it.

Do you have more questions about a SawStop? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line and ask. I’m happy to share my thoughts and experiences.

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  1. I blinked and nearly missed it. Quicker than changing blade alone.

  2. John Fitz says:

    I also love my SS. Great saw. And I’ve also found that changing the cartridge is a snap. I usually never have to adjust the spacing – maybe I’m just lucky.

    • Matt says:

      I probably don’t need to adjust each and everytime (except between dado and standard blade changes) but I always feel like I need to tweak just in case LOL.

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